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Thigh support with fastening tape R4M-U-01

Leg support R4M-U-01


Product description

Thigh support belongs to the ULTRA BREATHING group, is made of innovative ACTIV FLEXIBLE fabric. The use of this material and its performance allows for achievement of specific for medical support fabric thickness and proper compression of the supported body part. The fabric is produced using 3D knitting technology, special texture and elasticity. The main fibre is polyester with silver ion which assures faster draining of humidity and effective protection of skin against bacteria and sweating smell. When necessary polyester is combined with elastan for better elasticity and fitting.

Available sizes

Size Thigh circumference How to measure
S 40,5-46 cm How to measure - thigh circumference
M 46-51 cm
L 51-56 cm
XL 56-63,5 cm


Reduction of pain caused by overstress or injury. Maintenance of stable temperature and elastic pressure results in reduction of swelling, helps in healing of post-injury effusions and hematoma. Enables faster come back to wok and training. Provides protection in contact sports Constantly dry skin- effective draining of sweat Detainment of warmth, preventing joint overcooling and overheating, Comfort of use – the support contains no thick fibres which can cause abrasions if pressed firmly on patient’s skin, it works without disturbing the patient. Simplicity of use- simple way to put the support on and take it off by the patient. The product contains integrated climatic and functional areas, each having different function. One of the main elements of this bio-active fabric are the air channels, which drain the heat in a controlled way. The design of the support takes into account specific body shape and provides maximum comfort of use and no movement limitation for both women and men.


- after injury of thigh
- pain of thigh muscles caused by injury and overstress (excessive training or hard physical work)
- inflammation of thigh caused by injury or overstress

Setting up