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Lower limb support IB-SK/2RA

Open knee joint brace with splints 2RA IB-SK/2RA


Product description

Light knee brace IB-SK/2RA with the open construction is the professional medical device 1st class, which improves the gait and the rehabilitation process. It is made of ProFit material which means the precise fitting. This 2-layer material extends in each direction and creates the so-called “second skin” .The device contains four independent Velcro straps and two 2-axial anatomical side splints. This splints, during the movement, reflect the natural anatomical knee joint work, what prevents the changing of their position against the knee axial.
The IB braces group is the best solution, especially for seniors, with high quality and unrivalled price. Thanks to their sides stabilization, patients with chronic knee instability caused by joint degeneration, can walk without crutches and walking sticks. Furthermore, the IB braces has the open construction, which is very helpful for putting it in and off.


IB-SK/2RA is made of a structural material ProFit what is a 2-layer fabric, perfectly fitting patient’s body, stretching in all directions and modelling the limb. The external side of this textile contains spandex, which is responsible for precise compression and limb fitting. Also, it reduces the muscle vibrations during the physical activity. The internal membrane is made of microfiber, cotton and elastin, what prevents to perspire, and is very gentle for the skin.

The side parts are made of innovative material called AirSanmed, which is not elastic, what improves the knee stabilization. Next to patient skin, the brace is made of the airy cotton and terry material, inside is semi-rigid comfort perforated foam and in the external side is medical perforated laminate, what additionally reduces the sweat.


anatomical shaped silicon pads


Each IB brace is equipped with two anatomical shaped silicon pads, which stabilizes and supports the patella.

Velcro straps with plastic ends



The IB braces have four Velcro straps with plastic ends, what make the using easier.

Purpose of use

IB-SK/2RA was created for seniors suffered from chronic knee instability, caused joint degeneration and injuries.

  • after injury of the knee which didn’t require surgery (dislocation with damage of ligaments, muscle sprains and strains)
  • in postoperative rehabilitation as an prevention through knee contractures
  • joint degeneration and/or knee instability due to injury, illness in case of patients not qualified or refusing surgery treatment
  • atony of lower limbs in case of upright standing and learning to walk

Available sizes

Size Knee circumference How to measure
S 30-34 cm How to measure - knee circumference
M 34-38 cm
L 38-42 cm
XL 42-46 cm
XXL 46-50 cm

Setting up

Setting up

Splints 2RA Precision

Splints 2RA PrecisionSplints 2RA Precision are a double axis anatomic splints which reflect the knee movement and during performance do not change their position towards the joint axis. Splints 2RA are double axis polycentric splints, with coupling mechanism with two main conductive elements which move of parabolic tracks. Such splints are mainly used in all knee joint braces and, apart from angle adjustment, the high lateral knee stabilization is very important. The splints are manufactured with high quality of sanded aluminium, durable cover which what makes splints neutral to the influence of sweat and salt. Flexion and extension angle adjustment is possible with special allen screws. Every brace is equipped with special Allen key which is necessary for adjustment. Anatomic splints provides hyperextension block, 30°, 55°, 75°, 95°, 110° flexion and 15° or 75° extension. The angle adjustment clock is secured from manipulation by unauthorized people. Standard length of the splints is: 290 and 390 mm. The splint and its design are patented in European Union by Reh4Mat company.