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Lower limb support OKD-08

Lower limb support OKD-08



Product description

Gait is always connected with toughness of skeleton system, efficiency of central nervous system (CNS) and particular muscles strength such as: trunk, pelvis, buttocks and lower limbs muscles. Nerve impulse goes from CNS into effectors (muscles). The activity is generated by central nervous system (CNS) in a brain and the information about the movement is directed to the muscles through pyramidal system.
Cerebellum exercises control over the coordination, balance, and the movement quality. Gait is the basic part od any physical activity. It takes part in almost every action during our daily life and it also conditions our mobility. Impossibility of movement is a serious disability that makes us dependent upon other people. What is more, it has a very negative impact on functioning of our organs as well as the systems of our body.
Among elderly people, gait changes with age as a result of:

  • the processes of involution
  • injuries
  • chronic diseases

The researchers from Harvard Medical School from Boston conducted a survey based on 120 people aged over 65 suffering from gait disturbance. As a result they established that its main causes were as follow:

  • hypoesthesia 18%
  • muscle injuries 17%
  • multi-infract syndrome 15%
  • parkinsonism 12%
  • hydrocephalus 7%
  • cerebellum degeneration 7%
  • psychogenic disorder 3%

In the majority of those problems our dynamic knee brace with extension support Tractus – OKD-08 may be really helpful. Additionally, it is equipped with ROM adjustment in every 15 degrees, what is a very useful function in treating movement disorders. For the sake of the fact that the brace is dedicated mainly to elderly people, it is wrap around designed which siplifies putting on the brace.

OKD-08 was made of durable textile called ActivPren that is high-strength, soft and elastic what is the guarantee of a perfect compression of a knee joint. ActivPren is a material that consists of perforated neoprene foam with polyamide cover. Thanks to the perforation, the protected joint is ventilated and the appropriate warmth is kept. A very imortant assent of that raw material is the fact that it is not knitted brace, it has not any thick fibre. Thanks to that solution the fibres of the textile do not imprint on patient’s skin and do not cause any injuries where the compression is really strong.

The brace was equipped with four sets of circumferential straps made of Velcro tapes, polyamid buckle and very durable tunnels where the orthopaedics splints are placed. The combination of splints and tensioners creates the special mechanism supproting extension. A patient can regulate its tension, range of movement and time of reaction through the abating or rising the level of fastening system.
Splint ( 1R orthodesign )Additionally, the splints are equipped with range of motion of the knee joint. The orthopaedic splints 1R is the innovative solution with flexion and extension adjustment. The drop lock is very small (diameter: 30 mm) and provides 15o ROM adjustment. In addition, we apply the allen screws, which are mounted by steel pins and magnet. The most innovative is the blocking disk with the ratchet, which ensures required angle of ROM.

To avoid slippind the brace down, the anti-skidding silicone was brought inside. Moreover, the special grip was installed to the dynamic tensioner that simplifies the tension regulation by the elderly people whose arm movement is rather limited. What is more, the front straps are equipped with velcro fastening that make the buttoning easy for people with movement limits.

OKD-08 – working rules:

1. During the gait, when the lower limb is bent there is an automatic tension of dynamic system. The range of its tension as well as the power of the influence it has on the limb depends on the heigth of its atachment in a rear part of the brace.
2. At a time of lifting off the ground, the tensioner releases the energy and the lower limb is directed forward. The power as well as the range of that throw is regulated by changing the place where the dynamic system is attached.
3. During the gait, the cycle is repeated again and again.
4. In the event of patients suffering from diplegia, there is a possibility to use the brace for both legs simultaneously.
5. In some cases, when it is necessary to impose the movent in the hip joint, it is possible to combine OKD-08 with our another brace that supports to raise the leg.

Purpose of use

- central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system damage
- the weakness of knee extensors
- the contracture of knee flexors

Available sizes

Size (A) Thigh circumference 15 cm above the center of the patella (B) Calf circumference 15 cm below the center of the patella How to measure
S min 40 cm – max 44 cm
(min 15,7″ – max 17,3″)
min 30 cm – max 34 cm
(min 11,8″ – max 13,4″)
M min 44 cm – max 48 cm
(min 17,3″ – max 18,9″)
min 34 cm – max 38 cm
(min 13,4″ – max 15″)
L min 48 cm – max 52 cm
(min 18,9″ – max 19,7″)
min 38 cm – max 42 cm
(min 15″ – max 16,5″)
XL min 52 cm – max 56 cm
(min 19,7″ – max 22″)
min 42 cm – max 46 cm
(min 16,5″ – max 18,1″)
XXL min 56 cm – max 60 cm
(min 22″ – max 23,6″)
min 46 cm – max 50 cm
(min 18,1″ – max 19,7″)


Code OKD-08

CEMedical products class 1 – conforming the directive of the Board (93/42/EEC) concerning medical products. Producer of orthopedic and medical products, firm REH4MAT issued appropriate EC declaration of conformity.