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Memory foam pillow PA-VM-01

Memory foam pillow PA-VM-01



Migraine is very oppressive condition which affects 25-30% of world population. It is characterized by recurrent moderate to severe headaches, which increase with emotions or physical activities. It occurs with nausea and photophobia very often. Apart from genetics, excessive neck and shoulder muscle muscles tension impacts on migraine symptoms. This excessive tension increases while incorrect lying position.

Product description

Orthopedic pillow PA-VM-01 is correct and ergonomic position while you sleeping. It was both designed and created as anatomically profiled 3D solid. It is made of thermoelastic foam which has shape memory function. Pillows made of thermoelastic VISmemo foam provide anatomic support for your shoulders and neck.

Pillows are available in two sizes:






Memory foam pillow

They allow to effortless blood flow and prevent against the excessive muscle tension causing migraine pain.

Thermoelastic foam has shape memory function which means that it remembers shape for a moment when patient does not press pillow. It has ability to return to initial shape and its airy construction allows skin to breath at night.

Pillow is equipped with cotton cover which may be easily removed in order to wash it.

VISmemo anatomic pillow works according to two steps:
1.First step – it adjusts to pressure which is put by patient’s head. It is first as well as introductory level of adjustment. In case of ordinary pillows, it is both first and last level.
2.Second step – it is not immediate but it is spread over time. Pillow additionally softens due to patient’s body warmth. This effect is not the same on the whole surface where head has contact with pillow. For this reason foam softens first and foremost in the hottest places, these ‘red points’ where body pressure on pillow is still too strong. Places of excessive pressure are spread because of this additional reaction of pillow. Daily use of pillow guarantees correct position of cervical as well as thoracic segment during sleep.

Memory pillow PA-VM-01 is recommended for allergy sufferers, because house dust mites can’t exist in this kind of foam. You should use it everday to provide your spine correct position during sleep.


REH4MAT provides 3-years warranty for proper thermoelastic foam in case of carefully following the manual.

Memory foam pillow VISmemo

Size table

Size Width / Length / Height
Standard 32cm x 50cm x 11cm
Maxi 36cm x 66cm x 11cm

ATTENTION! You can purchase an additional pillow cover!


Code PA-VM-01
Trade Name CUSHION
Model PA-VM-01

CEMedical products class 1 – conforming the directive of the Board (93/42/EEC) concerning medical products. Producer of orthopedic and medical products, firm REH4MAT issued appropriate EC declaration of conformity.