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Braun splint with foot support PP-FF-02/B

Braun splint with foot support PP-FF-02/B

Anti pressure Braun splint VisMemo with foot support


This condition is a wearing away of cartilage in the hip joint caused by arthritis, which can develop because of trauma, infection, age or autoimmune disorders.
The hip degeneration is very often, because of loading of this joint by the weight of body. The progress of the disease is awkward in patient’s daily life.
Often, the only way of treatment is joint hip replacement.

Early rehabilitation process based on thigh external rotation prevention, because it can causes endoprosthesis shifting and re-surgery.

The essential part of po-op physical therapy is our Braun splint with foot stabilization. The splint prevents against the femoral external rotation and bedsores.

Product description

Braun splint PP-FF-02

PP-FF-02 Braun splint is made of anatomic-shaped polyurethane foam and soft memory, thermoactive VisMemo foam. Our Braun splint is equipped with cover made of eco cotton according to OekoTex 100 standard.

Additionally, the cover is fastened with zipper what allows to remove and wash cover. Density and rigidity of polyurethane foam allows to maintain the patient’s leg in the required position, providing relaxation and support. The surface that contacts with skin is made of thermoelastic memory foam VisMemo.

VisMemo memory foam works according to two steps:
1.First step – it adjusts to pressure which is put by patient’s leg. It is first as well as introductory level of adjustment. In case of ordinary polyurethane foams, it is both first and last level.
2.Second step – it is not immediate but it is spread over time. Our Braun splint additionally softens due to patient’s body warmth. This effect is not the same on the whole surface where leg has contact with pillow. For this reason foam softens first and foremost in the hottest places, these ‘red points’ where body pressure on pillow is still too strong. Places of excessive pressure are spread because of this additional reaction of splint.

While lying on the back, daily use of Braun splint guarantees excellent support for lower limb and provide slightly leg elevation. Our leg pillow is often use to support and relaxation in post-injury, anti bedsores and anti-varicose veins therapy. Its anatomic shape provides full satisfaction and prevents against the bedsores and lower limb swelling.

This Braun splint is innovative because of foot stabilization in lying position. Our splint prevents against the thigh external rotation that is excellent lower leg immobilizer after hip joint replacement.

Available sizes

Braun splint is available in two sizes:

Size Width Length Height Patient’s height
1 19 cm
61 cm
35 cm
below 165 cm
(below 65″)
2 22 cm
81 cm
40 cm
above 165 cm
(above 65″)

Purpose of use

  • after joint hip replacement
  • after surgeries and orthopaedic injuries
  • in functional fracture treatment
  • in post-injury physical therapy
  • for legs support and relaxation
  • anti-bedsore prophylactic
  • for pregnant women with swollen legs
  • in the vascular conditions

The Braun splint should be applied with cant under the thigh.
Special indentation simplifies to maintain the legs immobilized.


Code PP-FF-02/B
Trade Name CUSHION
Model PP-FF-02/B

CEMedical products class 1 – conforming the directive of the Board (93/42/EWG) concerning medical products. Producer of orthopedic and medical products, firma REH4MAT issued appropriate EC declaration of conformity.