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Torso support AM-SO-11 GREY

Torso support AM-SO-11 GREY
Class I medical deviceClass I medical device
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Chronic and acute pain in the spine (back), also called dorsalgia, is a general term that refers to the pain in the dorsal part along the vertical axis of the body. This pain can result from many causes, including those difficult to determine, and can appear in any part of the spine, but most often it concerns the lower part of the spine.

Back pain is one of the main cause of disability. It is estimated that pain in the lumbar region affects almost 10% of the world’s population. Moreover, due to the increasingly common sedentary lifestyle, this percentage will increase.

In order to reduce pain and relieve the spine, we recommend to use our innovative lumbar support AM-SO-11.

The innovation of the AM-SO-11 brace is its external-skeletal structure – skeleton elements consisting of profiled orthopedic stays, orthopedic wires and sets of tightening belts, form the base of the orthosis. The soft and breathable ProFit™ material supports the stiffening.

The back part of the orthosis is equipped with 4 profiled orthopedic stays sewn into special tapes and rubber ensuring the highest level of stabilization. In addition, the side parts of the product have orthopedic wires sewn into the tape, which prevent the material from curling up. As stabilizing elements, we used a system of six tightening tapes, regulating the pressure separately in the lower and upper part of the brace. This solution allows for a very precise adjustment of the orthosis to the patient and setting the appropriate compression, which is supported by rear buckles and rubber bands sewn into the front fasteners. The circumference of the brace can be easily adjusted by Velcro closure in the front part of the brace.

Purpose of use

• acute low back pain
• spine injury
• overloading of the lower structures of the spine
• incorrect body posture
• arthrosis
• disopathy
• sciatica
• after surgery of lumbo-sacral spine


Size Waist circumference How to measure
S 65-75 cm
How to measure - waist circumference
M 75,5-85 cm
L 85,5-97 cm
XL 97,5-110 cm
2XL 110,5-125 cm

Total height of the product:
S – 2XL : 25 cm (9.8″)
S – 2XL : 32 cm (12.6″)



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AirRubber III™

AirRubber III™ has unidirectional elasticity. It can be stretched, increasing the length, not width, what improves compression. Between the braids air flows freely and skin can breathe. In addition in high compression, these rubber braids provide a gentle massage for skin. Our orthopedic rubber is very friendly for skin.


ProFit™ is a double-layer fabric that is elastic in all directions and fits to limb precisely. The external side is made of spandex providing excellent compression and absorbs muscle shocks in physical activity. The internal side consists of microfibre, cotton and elastane what makes it skin-friendly, breathable and provides velvet softness. ProFit™ is friendly and neutral for the skin and has Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. In some products this material can have an internal elastic cotton layer.


Orthopedic profiled stays

Orthopedic stays are made of special spring steel, covered with a plastic coating and have rounded and protected ends. They can come in various widths and thicknesses as well as different hardness. They can be pre-shaped or flat. They work in one direction and adapt to the shape of the body while stabilizing the laterally protected part of the body. They are perfectly protected against corrosion, so they are resistant to water, moisture and sweat. Products equipped with them can be washed without removing them from the orthosis. They adjust to the body. The orthopedic stays cannot bend and that is why, they cannot correct the body posture or the secured joint.

Orthopedic profiled stays

Plastic stays

They come in various widths and thicknesses, are made of various types of plastics, such as polyamide, ABS or acrylic, and these features determine their stiffness. Thanks to their design, they are resistant to water, moisture and sweat. Products equipped with them can be washed without having to remove them from the orthosis. Our plastic stays work only in one direction, perfectly stabilize the laterally protected part of the body, adjusting to it at the same time and have a memory function, thanks to which they always return to their original shape. This function causes the stays in the orthosis to stabilize the swollen limb immediately after the injury and after the swelling has come off. The plastic stays cannot bend and that is why, they cannot correct the body posture or the secured joint.


Code AM-SO-11
Model AM-SO-11

CEMDClass I medical device in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 April 2017. on medical devices.