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Orthopedic armpit crutch AM-KP

Orthopedic armpit crutch AM-KP


Characteristics of the product

The armpit crutch is made of wood, protected with transparent varnish. Soft armpit pillow is covered with easy to disinfect fabric. There is possibility to adjust the hand grip and the stand of the crutch. The adjustment can be done with the thumb screw without any tools. During winter it is advisable to use anti-slip pads for the crutch.


1. EASYNESS OF USAGE- thanks to thumb-screws the adjustment of the crutch can be done without any tools
2. HYGIENE- washable cover of the armpit pillow

Orthopedic armpit crutch AM-KPOrthopedic armpit crutch AM-KP


Size Adjustment range from floor to the armpit
One size fits all 105 – 150 cm
(41,3″ – 59,1″)


Code AM-KP
Trade Name CRUTCH
Model crutch AM-KP

CEMedical products class 1 – conforming the directive of the Board (93/42/EEC) concerning medical products. Producer of orthopedic and medical products, firm REH4MAT issued appropriate EC declaration of conformity.