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Aid for moving patients AM-P

Patient lifting belt AM-P


Product description

Patient lifting belt AM-P
Transfer belt AM-P is created to transfer and support the patients. Solid, ergonomic and durability construction simplifies nursing in hospital or home. The belt consists of three comfortable and durable grips with plastic buckle what allows to move the patient. The transfer is possible from both right and left side and in case of overweight patients, two caring can hold them. The AM-P belt has esthetic design and the fabric is durable and solid. The belt is very easy to use.

Patient lifting belt AM-P

Our transfer belt should be used by physical therapists in their surgeries, hospitals, nursing homes and private houses where patient lives.
The belt is used usually as an support to moving patients to cars, wheelchairs or beds. The device allows to carry the patient without the clothes keeping. The belt prevents against the injuries that are possible during moving. That is why our transfer belt provides safety and comfort for patients.

Patient lifting belt AM-P

PowerLift is off-loading 3-layered lamination. It consists of: durable polyamide self-gripping part, EVA foam and jersey. PowerLift is easy to attach what improves comfort of use. Waterproof material.

CODURA is extreme durable lamination made of polyamide with polyurethane layer and Teflon finishing. Structure of fabrics and method of milling make the fabric lightweight but very resistant to damages and extreme conditions. External layer is covered by Teflon. Our devices made of CODURA are the thinnest and the most durable on the market. Waterproof material.

Product characteristics

  • simplifies transfer and support of patient
  • the patients can be carried from both sides
  • the patients can be carried by two caring at the same time
  • durable fabric
  • two adjusted thigh straps with buckles
  • equipped with front and rear pair of adjusted carrier belts
  • three comfortable grips
  • fastener with firm, attested buckle
  • smooth length adjustment
  • simply and functional using

Available sizes

Size Waist circumference How to measure
S 65-75 cm
M 75-85 cm
L 85-97 cm
XL 97-110 cm
XXL 110-125 cm
XXXL 125-145 cm

The permissible belt load is 100 kg.

Size Height (A) How to measure
Size Thigh circumference How to measure
S 40-44 cm
Thigh circumference
M 44-48 cm
L 48-52 cm
XL 52-56 cm
XXL 56-60 cm
XXXL 60-64 cm

Permissible belt load 100 kg (220 lbs)


Code AM-P
Model Transfer Belt AM-P

CEMedical products class 1 – conforming the directive of the Board (93/42/EEC) concerning medical products. Producer of orthopedic and medical products, firm REH4MAT issued appropriate EC declaration of conformity.