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Upper limb support AM-AO-KG-01

Arm abduction orthosis with angle regulation AM-AO-KG-01



Product description

The Arm Abduction Orthosis with abduction angle regulation is an efficient immobilizer for treatment of an arm fracture, a dislocated shoulder or rotator cuff surgery in post-operative and post-traumatic conditions. The Arm abduction brace AM-AO-KG-01 called CLEVER 1 shall be prescribed by the doctor or professional orthopaedic specialist. The medical expert indicates the immobilization of arm in abducted position for treatment of anterior luxation.

The Brace includes upper limb support equipped with two hook-and-loop straps for forearm, one strap for arm and hand resting support with height regulation.
The fitting and adjustment of the orthosis is obtained by double belt on the chest/shoulder, which is equipped with front system closure – easy to wear and take off, without necessity of re-adjustment of the assembled straps length. The assembling straps are universal length which could be cut to obtain the perfect fitting on body shape.
The soft neoprene pads on belts offers usage comfort for patient.

Upper limb support AM-AO-KG-01

The Upper Limb Support is jointed with sideway dorsal stabilizer, which is provided with 10 plastic stays on lateral dorsal area. This construction allows elasticity in transverse plane and rigidity in vertical position.

Upper limb support AM-AO-KG-01

The Splint used in the brace is an innovative articulation with regulation of Flexion, as follows; 0º, 15º, 30º, 60º, 75º, 90º of Flex. There is NOT NECESSARY any tool to adjust the Flexion angle of abduction.
In order to avoid unwanted modifications of angle, the orthosis is provided with security system, which consists in pressing both security bottoms simultaneously to change the angle of arm abduction.

Upper limb support AM-AO-KG-01

The Waist stabilization belt is equipped with semi rigid pad included assembling set of straps. The Assembling set is lined with Red colour to allow easy fitting and adjustment of brace on patient.
The orthosis construction allows a possibility to continue with regulation of arm rotation.


The abduction arm brace is made of comfortable and breathable Active Distance, which advantage consists in auto-adhesive outside cover, allowing the fitting of Single Size on different anatomies of the body.

ActiveDistance is an technical off-loading lamination with 3-layered construction. It’s made of EVA foam double-sided laminated with polyamide layer that is easy to attach. This self-gripping function of ActiveDistance provides wide range of adjustment and perfect fitting. Waterproof material.

Size Height of patient (A) Waist circumference (B) How to take measure
S 150-165 cm
65-145 cm
M 165-175 cm
L 175 cm (69″) and more

Fits both sides left or right.


- maintains the Upper Limb in abduction, thanks to the innovative construction of aluminium support, allows to continue with regulation rotation of shoulder (from 20º internal rotation to 15º external rotation)
- ARC; Arm Rotation in shoulder from 15º internal rotation to 70º external rotation – ARC-XR)
- hand support with foam grip strengthener enables the exercises of hand and forearm muscles, as well as guarantees the correct and natural position of the wrist.
- Clavicle belt is provided with soft neutral pad, avoiding the pressure on carotid artery and provides comfort during the treatment
- The orthosis FITS BOTH SIDES
- Single Size of the Brace- provides whole range of adjustment, thanks to the wide range of length of the assembling straps and flexibility of arm support
- The Orthosis fulfills all therapeutic requirements at the same allows easy access to the shoulder joint, if necessary post-operative care or application of physiotherapy without taking off the brace from patient.


- Post-operative and Post-Traumatic treatment of the shoulder required positioning of the shoulder and arm in abduction angle
- Rotator Cuff Plastic Surgery
- Anterior Luxation
- Fracture of the head of humerus
- Bankart injury of shoulder dislocation
- Post arthroscopy of shoulder
- Shoulder prosthesis
- Frozen Shoulder – Adhesive Capsulitis

ATTENTION: the abducent brace of the upper limb AM-AO-KG is not designed to be used again by another patient.

Setting up


Code AM-AO-KG-01

CEMedical products class 1 – conforming the directive of the Board (93/42/EWG) concerning medical products. Producer of orthopedic and medical products, firma REH4MAT issued appropriate EC declaration of conformity.