SAFE HIP SPLINT - it is a light, universal and very strong orthopedic splint designed for hip joint orthoses. The splint is perfect for use after hip surgery, it controls both the angle of hip flexion and abduction of the lower limb. The splint is made of a very strong aluminum alloy and high-quality steel, which guarantees proper and reliable postoperative protection of the hip joint. Both the upper and lower arm of the splint are equipped with 3D supports, which are made of a very strong PE called ABS. The height of the hip basket is adjustable, which allows you to easily set the orthopedic range of motion at the height of the hip joint. Additionally, hip basket has adjustable width and a very strong front fastening realized on swivel quick-release buckles. The lower 3D thigh supports are also made of ABS and also have height and limb rotation adjustments. Additionally, the thigh supports have a stabilizer of the medial part of the knee to prevent accidental deformation of the protected limb. The thigh support is also fastened with quick-release buckles, which guarantees a perfect fit of the circumferential tapes to any shape of the thigh. Both the elements of the femoral support and the elements of the hip have been equipped with soft thermoformed 3D cushions, perfectly relieving the product from the patient's body, and the special channels allowing air to migrate, thanks to which the patient's skin is properly oxygenated after the surgery, which speeds up the treatment process. In addition, the 3D pads have a cut-off function in order to adjust the product to the patient's body size. The ROM has been additionally strengthened, in which specially reinforced hexagonal screws were used as angle locks, which guarantees the stability of the set angle, even with heavy and obese patients. The clock has a full extension lock and adjustment of the flex and extension angle in every possible configuration in the range: 0, 15, 45, 60, 80 and 100 degrees. The angle lock is secure and cannot be changed accidentally or by an unauthorized person due to the fact that an Allen key is required to change it. The splint additionally has a specia adjustment of the lower limb abduction, thanks to which this setting becomes extremely precise, not found in this form in competing products on the market. Limb abduction is carried out using a specially cam, thanks to which the adjustment can withstand very high loads. The abduction function is possible thanks to the use of a reinforced metal hinge located directly above the orthopedic ROM.

Products with this stiffening:


Hip orthosis AM-SB-05 DUAL