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Wrist support AM-OSN-U-08

Orteza nadgarstka AM-OSN-U-08


Wrist sprain

The wrist is made up of 8 small carpal bones and the ends of the radius and ulna. The carpal bones are arranged in 2 rows between the radius and ulna and the metacarpals. Strong ligaments connect the carpal bones to each other and to the radius, ulna, and metacarpals. It is these ligaments and the joint capsule, a sac of tissue that encases the bones and ligaments of the wrist, that are injures in a sprained wrist.
The majority of the wrist sprains are caused when a person tries to break a fall with an outstretched hand.

The impact forces the hand backward, stretching or tearing the wrist joint capsule and the ligaments. Wrist sprain can also be caused by forceful flexion or twisting of the wrist. Also, the winter is very dangerous, where falling onto hand and hard surface (ice) is very common. The most commonly injured tissues are the joint capsule, the scapholunate ligament and lunotriquetral ligament.

The most common symptoms are pain, difficulty with wrist movement and weakness. In some cases, swelling and bruising may also occur.
Unfortunately, once sprained wrist is placed at chronic instability.

How to avoid it and protect the wrist against the strain? Check our new wrist brace AM-OSN-U-08 that supports and protects your wrist perfectly.

Product’s description

Universal wrist brace AM-OSN-U-08 with splint and circumferential strap is for both (left and right) hands. The splint is removable. Velcro fastenings and circumferential strap provide additional stabilization.
The splint should be always on the palmar hand.

The brace is made of skin-friendly material AirDistance II.

It’s 3-layered fabric that consists of: non-elastic self-gripping polyamide layer, comfort foam and cotton terry. The cotton terry has contact with skin, it’s very airy and has certificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

OecoTex standard 100

Thanks by self-gripping function, our brace has big range of circumferential adjustment. The removable splint makes our wrist brace universal, so it fits for left and right hand.

Purpose of use

- immobilization after wrist injuries (fracture, dislocation)
- bursitis
- wrist instability
- stressed joint with degeneration and inflammation
- prophylactically in sport

Available sizes

Size Wrist circumference How to measure
S 13-15 cm
Wrist circumference
M 15,5-17 cm
L 17,5-20 cm
XL 20,5-23 cm

NOTE! Universal product for right and left hand.


Code AM-OSN-U-08

CEMedical products class 1 – conforming the directive of the Board (93/42/EWG) concerning medical products. Producer of orthopedic and medical products, firma REH4MAT issued appropriate EC declaration of conformity.