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4 Classic is our range of braces in a classic design indicated for post-surgical use and everyday protection during sports or routine activity. They are our most economically priced medical braces for general use.

LOWER LIMB / Hip Braces

LOWER LIMB / Thigh braces

LOWER LIMB / Knee Braces

LOWER LIMB / Calf braces

LOWER LIMB / Ankle and Foot Braces

LOWER LIMB / Accessories

Poduszka podkolanowa

Under knee pillow

Poduszki kłykciowe

Condyle pad kit

UPPER LIMB / Upper limb braces

UPPER LIMB / Hand braces

UPPER LIMB / Forearm and wrist joint braces

UPPER LIMB / Elbow joint braces

UPPER LIMB / Shoulder Braces

SPINE BRACES / Thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthoses (TLSO)

SPINE BRACES / Thoracic orthoses

SPINE BRACES / Thoracic-lumbar orthoses

SPINE BRACES / Lumbar-sacral orthoses (LSO)