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Custom-made devices

Custom-made devices

REH4MAT has been registered in the Register of Medical Manufacturers and Devices of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products as a contractor of custom-made medical devices and obtained the identification number: PL / CA01 05556 / WNZ

The kinds of custom-made products

Advanced and the newest technologies of production set us apart from our competitors. We understand that only the perfectly fitted device fulfills its function. That is why, we are very few on the market that are able to meet your expectation by designing devices according to patients’ needs. In the event that there is no possibility to adjust the brace in standard size, our technological facilities let for creating the product in the individual size. Our facilities are equipped with:

  1. Machines and devices for plastics processing – injection molding machines, thermoplastic processing machines, cnc cutters, hollowing machines, vacuum pumps, stations for processing carbon fibers and cevlar, ultrasonic machines, etc.
  2. Metal processing machines – hydraulic presses, 3D bending machines for sheets, bars and pipes, etc.
  3. Park for machining – numerical machine tools, lathes, milling machines, drills, welding machines, grinders, etc.
  4. Sewing plants – equipped with specialized machines necessary for sewing all kinds of raw materials.


At your request, we are able to make the following products:


These are serial products included in our regular offer. If, due to large disproportions in the patient’s anatomy, you have a problem with selecting a product from the standard offer provided in the size tables, you can order all products from our offer as products in individual size made to measure for a given patient.


Custom-made products are a group of products that are not in serial production and are not included in our regular offer. Our team of specialists and technologists can make a custom-made product dedicated to a specific patient on the basis of comments from an orthopedic technician, doctor or physiotherapist.

How to ask about the products?

To consult the possibility and rules of order fulfillment, contact the export department:


tel. ‎+48 16 621 41 35 int. 1
fax ‎+48 16 621 42 13‎
e-mail: export@reh4mat.com, customer-service@reh4mat.com
Sławomir Ziaja – mobile 508 382 505


Order completion dates and pricing are set individually.


Due to the unlimited production possibilities, our company is open to proposals for launching the production of new products. If you are interested in products that we do not have in our standard offer, and which you would like to order from us, feel free to contact us.