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Cushions, backrests and pads for maintaining correct sitting designed to have correct support for trunk, hips, head and upper as well as lower limbs.Perfect for patients with cerebral palsy, scoliosis or hump.

BODYMAP SYSTEM / BodyMap cushions

BodyMap® A

Seat pillow<br /> BodyMap A

BodyMap® B

Backrest pillow<br /> BodyMap B

BodyMap® C

Backrest with pelottes & headrest BodyMap C

BodyMap® AB

Positioning chair<br /> BodyMap AB

BodyMap® AC

Child seat<br /> BodyMap AC

BodyMap® D

Head rest<br /> BodyMap D

BodyMap® DX

Butterfly headrest BodyMap DX

BodyMap® DY

Straight headrest<br /> BodyMap DY

BodyMap® DZ

Triangular headrest BodyMap DZ

BodyMap® E

Upper limb support BodyMap E

BodyMap® K

Stabilizing mattress BodyMap K

BodyMap® M

Cushion stabilizing upper limbs BODYMAP M

BodyMap® N

Feet correction cushion BODYMAP N

BodyMap® O

Stabilizing roller BodyMap O

BodyMap® R

BodyMap R

BodyMap® S Swimmer

Bath ring BodyMap® S Swimmer

BodyMap® A+

Cushion BODYMAP A+

BodyMap® B+

Backrest cushion with lateral supports BODYMAP B+

BODYMAP SYSTEM / Mounting and stabilization

BODYMAP SYSTEM / Additional equipment