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Hip support AM-SB-03

Hip support AM-SB-03


Osteoarthritis of the hip joint

Osteoarthritis of the hip joint, called coxarthritis, nowadays is most often condition diagnosed by physicians. It’s mainly related to the degeneration of joint cartilage, joint capsule as well as the other tissues that form the hip joint. On the femur head and the acetabulum surface, there are bone spurs, called osteophytes. They are the reason of limiting the hip joint movement and moreover, they cause pain.

Hip joint is a ball joint where the head femur is inside the acetabulum. Thanks to such construction, a leg may move freely in different directions. The reasons of osteoarthritis of the hip may be rooted in its inappropriate construction (hip dysplasia), growth disturbances or injuries. Another UNIPRENcause of hip joint degeneration may be disorders of the metabolism, osteoporosis, overweight or even the hard physical work.


The first symptoms of hip joint degeneration are slight and almost invisible – that is why they are very often marginalized. The first symptoms include: groin pain that appears when getting up or sitting down, usually it involves only the one side of the body. The signal of the disease is also the feeling of lower limb weakness or the knee pain after long walks. As the disease develops, the hip joint movement is limited significantly and the pain increases. In the advanced stage, a patient has serious problem with walking (crutches are often needed).

The sooner a therapy starts, the longer the hip joint movement may be kept. First of all, a patient has to take care of the appropriate body weight. Overweight patients has to lose their weight, keep healthy diet and active lifestyle (depending on what kind of physical activity is possible – it has to be consulted with a doctor or a physiotherapist. The vital point is also the prevention of osteoporosis. Hip joint degeneration is treated by means of anti-inflammatory medications, painkillers or physiotherapy. When the hip joint is strongly degenerated, the hip replacement surgery (endoprosthesis) is necessary.

Product description

The perfect solution for patients who want to fight with hip joint pain is REH4MAT new brace AM-SB-03 with the function of thermotherapy, equipped with original cold hot packs.

The brace is also good for those patients who would like to prevent the disease as well as after hip joint surgeries. The brace AM-SB-03 was made of an elastic fabric that stabilizes the joint perfectly and improves the muscles coordination. It also has an influence on muscles perception after surgeries and the pressure helps to reduce the risk of hematomas. The brace is constructed to provide the slight abduction of hip joint.

The brace has anatomic shape and consists of elastic hip and thigh belts equipped with Velcro tapes that make the adjustment easy. Inside the brace there are special pockets for two cold hot packs. The packs enables the thermotherapy function. AM-SB-03 is the universal brace, easy to use, friendly for patient’s skin, and it is almost invisible under clothing – thanks to that it is fully acceptable both for patients as well as the medical staff.

AM-SB-03 with Cold Hot Pack off-loads the hip precisely, reducing the pain and swelling.


Purpose of use

- hip degeneration
- inflammation of muscles and other soft tissues in the hip area
- stressed hip joint

Available sizes

Size The circumference 5cm below the navel How to measure
S 80-90 cm
How to measure
M 90-100 cm
L 100-110 cm
XL 110-120 cm

Left/right available.


Code AM-SB-03

CEMedical products class 1 – conforming the directive of the Board (93/42/EWG) concerning medical products. Producer of orthopedic and medical products, firma REH4MAT issued appropriate EC declaration of conformity.