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  1. I have a compression band by REH4MAT with a special protector and I use it to protect my limb – admittedly, only in daily activities, but the fabric as well as the product itself is really great! That is why, now, I am looking for the medical device I need only in REH4MAT because of the quality of the products you offer.

    Sławomir [Poland]
  2. I bought REH4MAT brace [EB-SK/A] and I am really pleased with that product. I had a knee injury (ligament tear) and unfortunately, I am forced to use an orthopaedic brace. The product I purchased reaches all my expectations. It stabilizes my knee perfectly. The material, that the brace is made of, is breathable and comfortable – I use it 14 hours per day and I do not feel any discomfort. Thanks to the straps, the brace is all time in the same place.

    I recommend REH4MAT braces to everyone who suffers from knee injury.

    Waldemar Kowalik [Poland]
  3. I received from you few elbow stabilizers – AS-L-01, AS-L/F and AS-PL. I appealed the most anatomic brace AS-L-01. The brace is the perfect solution for me in any consideration. I use it mainly while working out in the gym, when my disorders are really painful. The brace can be also used while exercising on a rowing machine or cross-country skiing. What is really important for each athlete, the brace fits perfectly to the skin and its material does not cause any skin irritation or the limitation of the movement. A crucial element of the brace is the inside slot that lets the upper limb move freely without any limitation of its flexion. This fact is extremely important during working out. Silicone, that is placed on the internal part of the brace, provides additional pressure. An additional advantage of the brace, is the possibility of adjustment the silicone according to your own needs. The special Velcro strap provides the perfect fitting of silicone to the part of your elbow that hurts the most. As a result, your muscle are offloaded. During the workout, an athlete starts to sweat. Although the skin is wet, AM-SL-01 does not slip down the limb. I used it also on the thermal underwear, and its properties were preserved.
    AS-L/F is the good brace that can be used after the workout – o the level of regeneration and compression. I think, AS-PL could be used while inflammatory conditions or overloading of the forearm muscles. While rowing, you have to flex your wrist. If you repeat that movement, it can cause the overloading off your muscles. In this instance, AS-PL will be an ideal solution.

    I recommend REH4MAT devices

    Wiktor Chabel
  4. The brace [AM-SL-01/CCA] was a perfect solution while training on the gym. While doing different exercises, it did not limit my movements, and the silicone insert with special rough surface provided some kind of pressure and block the pain.

    Wiktor Chabel – Polish Representative in rowing
  5. “The decision of purchasing your device (AKVOLITO + MOBILE BASE AKVO) was a really good idea! So far, we had deckchairs manufactured by another companies, but none of them was equipped with a good safe belts. Your deckchair AKVOLITO is equipped with a special hip belt, what improves the level of stabilization while transport. We are extremely pleased with the device – it is light, easy to move and multifunctional!”

    Szymon Motul / Poland
  6. “Great brace for Boxer’s fracture”. Model AM-SP-01.”

    Mozart Mozi
  7. “Excellent product. Just as promised.”

    Walter N M. / USA
  8. “High quality item!

    Marla M Bradley / USA
  9. “An absolutely fantastic brace [4ARMY-SK-07] with superior features and comfort. The BEST!”

    Chris / USA
  10. “100 % satisfied” MASTER-03

    Lonny N. / USA
  11. “Amazing product love them they are very comfortable and perform very well” AM-KDS-AM/2R

    Jessie G. / Canada
  12. “Very comfort to wear [AM-ASS-OS], very good for my foot drop!”

    Kraivuth Kraisintu / Thailand
  13. “Everything is super! [EB-SK/A]”

    Evgeny Rex / Belarus
  14. “Great product [AS-N-01], fully recommended!”

    Krystyna Palichowska / Poland
  15. AM-OSS-10 – Active ankle brace for a foot drop

    “Nice little story for you. Last week, at one of my hospital clinics, a 28 year old girl attended with an appointment to see me. Because of a tumour on her spine and the resultant surgery, she was left with nerve damage, causing a foot drop. At another hospital she was prescribed and supplied with a plastic drop foot splint which had continually caused problems with pressure points. I had an AM-OSS-10 with me so I tried it on her. She walked around the clinic room with a big smile on her face then sat down and began to cry. She was one very happy patient.”

    Tony [Great Britain]
  16. Orthopaedic pillow PA-VM-01:
    Perfect pillow, very comfortable and well-made. I do not imagine my sleep at night using any other pillow! Since the time I bought it, I have been sleeping much better and my constant headaches are gone. Moreover, the pillow doeas not lose its original shape and it fits perfectly to the neck.

    100% recomend to everyone!!!

  17. I am very satisfied with [AM-KG-AR/1R] brace. Mom practically much less pain in her arm. Thank you very much !

    Jasmina Kovacevic
  18. I purchased ATOM brace in February this year. I have been using this type of knee braces for 17 years and I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised with the ATOM braced manufactured in Poland by REH4MAT. To my mind ATOM brace is much more better that e.g. the similar brace OttoBock 50K13. So far, I have been using 4-point braces made by OttoBock, Medi, and DonJoy. But let us get down to what I want to say – ATOM brace manufactured by REH4MAT is a well made orthopaedic device at a reasonable price. I can use it freely while riding a bicycle. To be honest, I have not tested it while skiing in winter but I am sure that it will pass that test without any problems! Of course, ATOM is not free of disadvantages but those are such small details that may be corrected by each user. In my opinion, one of the disadvantage is the fact that the manufacturer does not attach soft pads on Velcro tapes (there are only two pads that are destined to be used on shin strap). Moreover, the buckles may be more anatomically shaped because they sometimes pinch a little bit.
    If – for the next 3 years – I will have to change the knee brace, the first thing that I will do is to visit REH4MAT website and check what new braces have been designed by this manufacturer. The devices made by REH4MAT are recommendable and what is the most important thing – they do not depart from the well known orthopaedic companies from all over the world and their price is really attractive. Dear users – I do not recommend REH4MAT due to the fact that I am the worker of this company or I know the owner. I just believe that I am so much experienced in this branch because I have been using the 4-point knee braces for 17 years.
    Please, place this comment in full.

    Marcin Grabek
  19. “Thanks to your braces I am able to walk without assistance (using crutches), although I should use a wheelchair for a long time. ;)”

    Dagmara Gorczyńska
  20. “For me you are the company NUMBER ONE and I always advertise your products. Thanks to you I can train again!”

    Lech Kul

    I am the owner of this small beaut… I am forced to use it for 12 hours each day. It is great! It forces the muscles and ligaments to regeneration due to the fact that it helps to stabilize, it forces damaged tissues to work so that their functions wouldn’t atrophy. That may happen when the knee would be compeletely off-loaded.

    Bogus Bryla

    As the muscular affection which i am struggling with for so many years now made me a lot of problems, i’ve decided to buy a product to be able to sustain my knees and to try to combat even a bit the knee extension caused by MD (Muscular Dystrophy).
    Unfortunately, in Romania i couldn’t find anything according my illness needs and to be honest i wasn’t sure that i would be able to find some product of this type, in order to help me, outside Romania.
    Browsing internet after products of this type, i found Reh4mat website and i said that it is a right place to try my chance!!!
    Contacting Reh4mat Company, i was pleasantly surprised to stay in touch with people who care and who are willing to help you with all the information you need in this field.
    Thanks to the help i’ve received from Reh4mat, i was able to make the right choice regarding the Knee Support i needed so much in order to combat my knee hyperextension which is pretty much acute “thanks to muscular dystrophy”!!!
    I have tried the knee orthoses immidiately i received it and also imediatly i was pleased to notice that it helps me so much.
    I adjusted them on both knees, using the orthopedic splints (metallic insertions – articulations) which can be adjusted at every 15°. This adjustment helps the user to adjust the flexion and the extension of the knee as they need to. Also the materials used for developing these knee supports are very comfortable, stable and are “breathing” very well. The knee orthoses that i choosed for my needs – Muscular Dystrophy – gives me a good stabilisation, fits perfectly on the leg, but is not squeezing it. In the same time, for a better stabilisation, this orthoses has 6 points of “catch” – 6 braces – above the knee, under the knee and 2 more – 1 in front and 1 in the back side of the the tibia.
    So the comfort is comfort from the beginning till the end.
    Thanks Reh4mat!

    Daniela Chiriac
  23. “We strongly recommend REH4MAT braces to everyone suffering from knee injuries 🙂
    One of our friends who trains with our group has been injuried during a volleyball match – as a result she raptured her ligament and damaged her patella. She has to wait for the knee surgery for the next three years!!!
    Training with your brace stabilizes her knee preventing it from side movements (even slow walk was sometimes painful for her). Now she is able to do some squat jumps or step forward, what was almost impossible without your brace. Also scamper comes into play! We wholeheartedly recommend! :)”

    Sport Group/ Survival Crossfit Klan

    TLSO BACK SUPPORT AM-WSP-02I bought this product in order to help me with my lumbar hyperextension (exagerrated lumbar curve), caused by MD (Muscular Distrophy).
    I may say that it is above my expectations, meaning that i didn’t think that something more may help me regarding Muscular Distrophy hyperextensions (knee and lumbar).
    The product that i’ve bought, is SemiRigid TLSO Back Support, with very good insertions which helps my lumbar area to correct and makes my walking easier. Also gives me a very good back support. In the same time i noticed that the materials are breathing well and i am not sweating while wearing it!!!
    I ware it only during day time and i am not sleeping wearing it!
    I may say that the results i have after wearing this TLSO Back Support, gives me the freedom to freely recommend it, eventhough is good to have a doctor’s recommendation, but is not impossible to make a good choice by yourself!!!
    Another good thing i found in products that i bought from Reh4mat, is that the materials, sewing mode round around the material, the insertions and the prices, makes the products from Reh4mart to be some medical products that WORTH IT – to buy it and to ware it, in order to make your life easier, especially when you find yourself into a health condition that needs such supports!!!
    I also wish that Romanian small business owners in this field to import more products of this type from real manufacturers as i found in Poland and stop selling all junks (Chinese, Turkish) on Romanian market!
    Sorry, but this is the truth!

    Thanks for the collaboration, Reh4mat!!!

    Daniela Chiriac
  25. ‘The build quality is fantastic. The hinges are not intrusive, its very light and comfortable. As stated, try getting in contact with some sport shops in the UK to start selling a line!’

  26. “I purchased your ankle brace VINCERO 2 and I have to say that it is really great. Now, I am your regular customer and you have to realize that thaks to you the comfort of my everyday life has been improved. Apart from healing my ankle I am going to use the ankle braces when practicing sports. I am not able to tell you how it will work in this role but I believe I will be so glad as I am now. Regarding the durability, I will provide you my feedback for a while.”

    Lech Kul