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Condyle pad kit

Condyle pad kit

Product description

Condyle pads provide comfort and perfect fitting the brace to the knee joint. The pads are assembled on either side of the knee where they attach to the hinge.

The condyle pad kit consists of:

1. 1. Three pads with various shapes. The pads are made of EVA foam and covered by self-gripping velour. They are used for off-loading the pressure points and bony prominences (e.g. tibial tuberosity). They’re assembled between lining and aluminum frame.

2. Two oval hinge pads made of EVA foam and covered by self-gripping velour. They protect the bony prominences (condyles of femur) against the pressure of the aluminum frame.

3. Eight thin self-gripping pads that are attached to the hinges, oval pads or others. The purpose of thin pads is to customise the fit of the brace to the width of your knee by either adding more pads or taking some away.

Eight thin self-gripping padsEight thin self-gripping pads

4. Two elastic covers wykonanych z lycry, które stosuje się wówczas jeżeli zachodzi konieczność stosowania wielowarstwowych odciążeń (dystansów) któregoś z zegarów.

Two elastic coversTwo elastic covers

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