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Upper-extremity support OKG-04

Elbow splint OKG-04


CUBITAL TUNNEL SYNDROME (Ulnar Nerve Entrapment)

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, also called ulnar neuropathy, is a condition that involves pressure or stretching of the ulnar nerve (also known as the “funny bone” nerve).

People who put their elbows on the table for a long time or keep the elbow bent, e.g. during sleep, may suffer from ulnar nerve entrapment.

Furthermore, cubital tunnel syndrome is popular among the athlets. Every physical activity with twisting motion of elbow, which is required for throwing, may cause delicate damage of elbow ligaments. Due to this fact, this condition is common in baseballers and handballers.

Early symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome include is pain and numbness in the elbow. Also, patients suffer from tingling, especially in the ring and little finger. Untreated elbow neuropathy may cause weakness of muscles, limit of hand grip and hand deformation, called ulnar claw, in which the 4th and 5th fingers are extended at the metacarpophalangeal joints and flexed at the interphalangeal joints.

Cubital tunnel syndrome often can be managed conservatively and surgery is a last resort. The most effective is using of electromyography together with elbow splint OKG-04. This elbow brace allows to reduce excessive joint flexion and protect against ulnar nerve entrapment.

Product’s description

Elbow splint OKG-04 is designed to reduce ulnar tunnel syndrome by maintaining the joint in the required position. The brace is equipped with special shapeable aluminium splints, which prevent against the excessive flexion. This solution allows to increase ulnar nerve pressure and reduce the pain.

OKG-04 elbow brace may be used also in sleeping, when we bend our elbow unknowingly and generate ulnar pressure.

Elbow brace OKGD-04 is made of universal 3-layered fabric made of external elastic polyamide self-gripping layer and internal neoprene foam with elastic jersey. Our fabric is soft and elastic and not knitted, what prevents skin against the skin abrasions in the compression zones. Self-gripping function of UniPren allows to fit the brace precisely. The fabric is waterproof.

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The product has wrap-around design and it’s fitting precisely.

Brace has limited amount of material what improves comfort of use.

Our elbow splint OKG-04 is also an excellent support after surgery and medical interventions. Elbow pit area is not covered by brace and there is possible to maintain the hygiene and change bandages without removing the brace.

Our elbow splint OKG-04 is also excellent support for treatment in case of elbow spasticity. Using our OKG-04 brace helps to reduce flexion spasticity after stroke and other neurological conditions.

The brace is equipped with 2 aluminum shapeable splints contour to place patient in desired position of elbow flexion.



Innovative shapeable splints provide smooth range of motion adjustment!


Purpose of use

- Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome / Ulnar Nerve Entrapment / Elbow Neuropathy
- Elbow sprains and strains
- Elbow fractures
- After surgery treatment
- Elbow deformations
- Flexion contractures of the elbow

Available sizes

Size Arm circumference How to measure
Universal min 22 cm  -  max 36 cm
(min 8,7″ – max 14,2″)
How to measure

Universal for both right and left arm

Total length of the product: 31 cm


Code OKG-04

CEMedical products class 1 – conforming the directive of the Board (93/42/EWG) concerning medical products. Producer of orthopedic and medical products, firma REH4MAT issued appropriate EC declaration of conformity.