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Torso support AM-SO-08

Lower back brace AM-SO-08



Lower back pain is very prevalent nowadays. It is connected with poor posture, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and bad habits. Also, the problem occurs among athletes which suffer from overtraining. Biomechanical and degenerative conditions may lead to herniated disc and many other problems.

Back pain is rising over years. Athletes, physical and office workers are affected by lower back pain. The first symptoms are hand and groin numbness or painful tapping.

Due to this fact, the prevention of the soft tissues overusing and injuries is crucial. For supporting lower back we highly recommend our breathable, lower back brace AM-SO-08.

Product’s description

Lower back brace AM-SO-08 is made of unique, innovative fabrics.

First is called UniPren. It is universal 3-layered fabric made of external elastic polyamide self-gripping layer and internal neoprene foam with elastic jersey. Our fabric is soft and elastic and not knitted, what prevents skin against the skin abrasions in the compression zones. The braces made of UniPren provide the best stabilization in market. Self-gripping function of UniPren allows to fit the brace precisely.

Our second fabric is ActivSpace. It is a spacer, polyamide 3D lamination with high skin ventilation. It is very lightweight, consisted of 2 layers. Between them, we use polyamide braids with 4 mm width. ActivSpace is not elastic what improves stabilization. Inside the lamination, between 2 layers, the air flows freely, maintaining minimal water and moisture absorption.

ActivSpace is a high, innovative fabric. It wicks sweat rapidly away from the skin to the outside and increases the comfort of sport trainings and daily activities.
This fabric is used in spinal area for increasing the comfort of use.

Wide circumference adjustment of our back brace AM-SO-08 allows to offer only one, universal size. It provides excellent compression. Slightly elastic UniPren fabric regulates the temperatures and improves healing after injury.

Our lower back brace AM-SO-08 protects your spine against the over wear-bearing of the vertebrae and soft tissues. Use it everywhere you want: in home, garden or sport and relieve the pain.

Purpose of use

- Pre- and Post-Surgical Stabilization
- Degenerative Spinal pathologies
- Disc Hernia
- Spondylolithesis
- Spondylolysis
- Acute Back Pain
- Spinal Instability
- Rehabilitation and Prevention

Available sizes

Size Waist circumference How to measure
Universal min 65 cm – max 110 cm

Total height of the product
Front: 16 cm
Back: 21 cm


Code AM-SO-08
Model AM-SO-08

CEMedical products class 1 – conforming the directive of the Board (93/42/EEC) concerning medical products. Producer of orthopedic and medical products, firm REH4MAT issued appropriate EC declaration of conformity.