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Pelvic brace AM-PES-05

Pelvic brace AM-PES-05

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PELVIC BELT FOR Diastasis symphysis pubis (DSP)

Pelvic pain and diastasis symphysis pubis (DSP)

Women with symphysis pubis and posterior pelvis dysfunction have a lot of difficulties, decreasing their quality of life, during pregnancy. The pain id different: it may be mild or severe and it depends on the intensity. It’s unilateral or bilateral and can be located in the groin and medial aspect of thigh. Together with groin pain, the women can feel sacroiliac, low back and subprapubic pain. It’s worst during weight-bearing activities such as lifting one leg.

The most important factor of pelvic (sacroiliac joints) and symphysis pubic pain during pregnancy is instability of the pelvic girdle.

Rigid pelvic belt such as AM-PES-05 stabilizes the pelvis and reduces the pain significantly in the pelvic and symphysis pubis area.

Product description

Our pelvic brace AM-PES-05 is made of special polyester tape with high durability. The belt is equipped with 2 plastic pads with soft, off-loading cushions.
The pads can be adjusted in any place of the tape.

Pelvic belt AM-PES-05 is rigid what allows to stabilize pelvic in the frontal and sagittal plane perfectly. Increasing of the reproductive or maternal hormones causes the loosing of ligaments and other soft tissues what results in poor posture of pregnant women.


Our pelvic brace AM-PES-05 is made of special polyester tape with high durability. The belt is equipped with 2 plastic pads with soft, off-loading cushions.

Our pelvic belt AM-PES-05 provides stabilization and off-loading of the sacroiliac joints. Also, it stabilizes the symphysis pubis and prevents against the excessive stretching.

AM-PES-05 belt decreases movement at the pelvic what reduces the pain and allows women to exist normally.

Purpose of use

  • Diastasis symphysis pubis (DSP)
  • Painful pelvis
  • Instability of the pelvis
  • Sacroiliac joints dysfunction
  • Overweight (change in the center of gravity)
  • Loosened pelvic joint



To provide the highest possible level of comfort while using AM-PES-05, we equipped it with the set of additional pads. 100% of comfort and protection is the most important thing that we would like to provide to the users of our devices. That is why, the two additional pads, that may be attached to the standard plastic pads, are an ideal protection against potential abrasions. The additional pads are made of very elastic, thick neoprene foam that is one-sided tacky, so that a patient can attach them easily to the standard pads. As a result, a patient, who is using AM-PES-05, is able to adjust the device according to own needs.

Available sizes

Size Hip circumference at widest level How to measure
Single size min 65 – max 145 cm
(min 25,6″ – max 57,1″)
How to measure


Code AM-PES-05
Model Pelvic belt AM-PES-05

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