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Pelvic brace AM-PC-02

Pelvic brace AM-PC-02


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Product description

Pelvic brace AM-PC-02 is our solution for Diastasis symphysis pubis (DSP) and sacroiliac arthritis.

Join degeneration is not only senior condition. Even half 50 years old population suffers from this condition. After 60 years old this problem treats even 60-70% people. This condition is the serious problem for people and lead to immobilization and disability.

Diastasis symphysis pubis (DSP) is a gap in the pubic joint as an result of estrogen during pregnancy. This hormone affects the pubic symphysis and sacroiliac joint also. The pain occurs, especially during walking (‘waddle gait’) and standing on the one leg is impossible. Diastasis symphysis pubis can occurred after difficult childbirth.

Our pelvic belt AM-PC-02 is the best solution in these disorders because it relieves the pain, allows patient to be independent and increase the healing.

Our AM-PC-02 brace stabilizes pelvis and sacroiliac joints. Smart combination of elastic and non-elastic textiles provides excellent stabilization. The device is made of orthopaedic 3D rubber called AirRubber II.

Anatomic-shape provides high comfort of use. The Velcro straps are practical and easy to unfasten. The belt fit to the body precisely and it’s almost invisible under clothes.

Our pelvic brace stabilizes the spine what improves the body posture. During walking, the pelvis is positioned correctly what decrease discomfort and pain. You can adjust the level of compression by special frontal strap.


Purpose of use

- Diastasis symphysis pubis (DSP)
- sacroiliac arthritis
- sacroiliac disability

Available sizes

Size Hip circumference at widest level How to measure
S 86-94 cm
Hip circumference by buttocks
M 94,5-102 cm
L 102,5-110 cm
XL 110,5-118 cm
XXL 118,5-126 cm
Size Product height
front back
S 13 cm (5,1″) 15,5 cm (6,1″)
M 16 cm (6,3″)
L 16,5 cm (6,5″)
XL 17,5 cm (6,9″)
2XL 18,5 cm (7,3″)


Code AM-PC-02
Model Pelvic belt AM-PC-02

CEMedical products class 1 – conforming the directive of the Board (93/42/EEC) concerning medical products. Producer of orthopedic and medical products, firm REH4MAT issued appropriate EC declaration of conformity.