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MaxComfort™ is a new generation of multilayer material with excellent relief and functionality. The use of a product made of this material is a perfect stabilization of the limb and very high comfort of use.

From the side of the body, there is a soft, skin-friendly knitted fabric with OekoTex Standard100 certificate. The next layer is a soft polyurethane foam, which ensures the comfort of using the orthosis, fill the space between the orthosis and the limb, increases the contact surface of the orthosis to the patient's skin, which reduces local pressure on the body and has anti-bedsore properties. The next layer of the material is technical polyethylene foam, whose task is to relieve the structural elements of the orthosis from the patient's body. The last layer of this material is a technical fabric with a self-adhesive function that allows you to attach various types of circumferential bands and other details necessary for the proper functioning of the orthosis.

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