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MeshSpace™ is a very strong polyester material that we use in orthopedic products, where high strength of the detail is required, combined with a very small thickness. This raw material is produced by knitting from a very large number of thin, but very strong polyamide yarns. It has an original mesh structure with large openings, which makes it very light, very strong and very airy. An orthopedic device made of this material is neutral for the patient's skin, because no chemicals containing formaldehyde were used during the production of MeshSpace™. In addition, thanks to the fact that the product made of this material has the form of a thin mesh, fresh air successfully reaches the protected limb of the patient and sweat migrates from the skin. The MeshSpace™ material is another example of Reh4Mat's application of the following principle in the production philosophy of its products: Mini Max - minimum product / maximum effect.

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