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Lower limb support ATOM/2RA 4ARMY

MILITARY DYNAMIC UPRIGHT KNEE FRAME WITH ROM ADJUSTMENT MILITARY PARACHUTING INJURIES Large scale military parachuting began in 1940. The first official world parachuting championship held in 1951 marked the advent of parachuting as a sport. It’s regarded as one of the most challenging and demanding effort which require high degree of mental and physical fitness. [...]

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Orteza kończyny dolnej AM-OSK-ZL/1R-01

Lower limb support AM-OSK-ZL/1R-01

The long closed brace is made of innovative material ProSIX, which fits to limb’s shape precisely by stretching into all directions. To better compression we provide the anatomic profiled splints 1R orthodesign, which increase the control of knee movement and provide additionally support. This solution allows to maintain the hinge in the knee axis during movement.

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Orteza kończyny dolnej SPARTAN

Lower limb support SPARTAN

The SPARTAN brace is the best of the knee ligaments protection undoubtedly. It’s especially created for patients suffer from knee deformities such as valgus or varus. SPARTAN provides maximum secure sense and the best knee protection.

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Orteza kończyny dolnej ATOM/2RA

Lower limb support ATOM/2RA

DYNAMIC UPRIGHT KNEE FRAME WITH ADJUSTMENT IN EVERY 20 DEGREE Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury Knee ligament injuries are a major health worldwide problem. It’s often connected with ACL injury. It has been estimated that 80,000 to 100,000 anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries occur each year in the United States alone. Over the past several [...]

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Lower limb support RAPTOR/2RA

RAPTOR/2RA DYNAMIC UPRIGHT KNEE FRAME WITH ADJUSTMENT IN EVERY 20 DEGREE POSTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT INJURY (PCL) Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) is strong, elastic bands of tissue, connecting tibia and femur. It’s more stronger than anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). PCL prevents the femur from sliding off the anterior edge of the tibia and to prevent the [...]

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Orteza podudzia AS-PU-01

Leg support AS-PU-01

It is made of ActivPren fabric. The design of the support and different thickness of used fabric enables perfect fit of the support to the limb.

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Orteza nogi U-PU

Leg support U-PU

It is made of ActivPren fabric. The fabric has self-adhesive properties which make the fit of the support to the limb much easier

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Leg support AS-PU

Anatomic AS-PU calf brace is the excellent solution for everyone who needs compression and heating the calf muscles. Our shin sleeve protects the leg against the abrasions and tibia injuries. It’s made for athletes and active people who want to fitting, durability, efficiency and comfort in 1 product.

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Uniwersalna orteza uda U-U

Leg support U-U

It is made of innovative ACTIV Pren fabric characterized by softness and elasticity.

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Orteza uda AS-U

Leg support AS-U

Anatomic thigh and groin sleeve AS-U is the excellent solution for everyone who’s looking for compression and therapeutic warm connected with protection against injuries during trainings.

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