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2in1 SOLUTION – full comfort, simply use

2in1 SOLUTION - full comfort, simply use

2in1 SOLUTION is another innovative solution that is aimed at perfect fitting of REH4MAT braces to different patients’ needs. It is common knowledge that our main idea is to provide comfort and stabilization to the knee joint and ensure the most easy way of using our braces. That is why, work of our technologists has already ended with the real success! They have designed 2in1 SOLUTION and used it in some of our knee stabilizers.

2in1 SOLUTION is a unique project that connects both open knee brace function (it’s easy to putting on) and closed brace function (very good patella and knee stabilization). To ensure such a great stabilization the braces was equipped with anatomic-shaped patella donut). An additional advantage of 2in1 SOLUTION is an unrepeatable design – open popliteal fossa, what improves comfort of use. Such a solution allows skin for breathing and as a result the braces are wearing in a free and effortless way.

2in1 SOLUTION has been used in the following knee braces: