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Nursemaid’s elbow

The parents often aren’t aware that even gently jerking the child’s arm can lead to elbow dislocation. This condition is called Chassaignac subluxation and it occurs mostly in 2-6 years old children. it is caused by sudden jerking the child’s arm with straight elbow. The child elbow ligaments (annular ligament) are too elastic and loose, so it causes the radius subluxation. What is more, the bone growth is still active in children, what makes for injury also.

After sudden jerking we observe noticeable swelling and the child feel pain and cannot extend the elbow. The medical treatment is necessary to reposition and, in case of serious injury, immobilization the elbow joint to reduce the effusions and avoid further subluxations.

Instead of traditional immobilization we can use Reh4Mat elbow immobilizer AM-TL-01. It is excellent alternative to heavy cast. The immobilizer is made of light materials with internal cotton and terry surface, which is soft for child’s skin. The using of orthopaedic splints allows to immobilize the joint butstabilizing tapes provide better compression.


The child’s elbow immobilizer AM-TL-01 decrease pain connected with treatment your child to minimum.