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What is the carbon fiber?

What is the carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber (CF) is the fiber created in controlled pyrolysis of polyacrylonitrile process and other organic polymers. It comprises stretched carbon structures which are similar to graphite and have mechanic durability. The graphite construction make their infusible and chemical resistant.

The carbon fiber is often used in industry field as an laminate installation where high product durability and low weight is necessary. For years, this kind of material is used in extreme sports or Formula 1 races and now it is more common in orthopaedic field.

Carbon fibers have low density, high resistance for stretching forces and high Modulus of Elasticity (Young’s modulus). What is more, they dampen vibrations and are temperature and chemical resistant.
High durability, Young’s modulus and resistance for stretching forces depends on fibre’s structure against its axis and density of transverse bonds.

Carbon fibre

In our production process Reh4Mat Company uses carbon matting (carbon fibre) and roving carbon.

Włókna węglowe

Carbon fibers are very thin (a few times more than human’s hair) so they need precision and thoroughness during production.
All of our carbon products are hand-made by specialized and experienced employee.

The carbon fiber gaude (dark bar) in proportion to hair (light bar)

Leading carbon product made by Reh4Mat is dynamic ankle foot orthosis (DAFO), knee ankle foot orthosis (KAFO) and hip knee ankle foot orthosis (HKAFO).

To make our orthoses stretching-resistant we use kevlar material also. It is material of aramid group, which helps carbon fibers to be less elastic. The same kevlar is used in helmet, bulletproof vest and aircraft carrier production. Such construction of our orthoses guarantees high mechanic durability.

Additionally, Reh4Mat produces, from carbon fibres, splints with ROM adjustment to our braces, pelottes to spine braces and a few knee orthoses.

In other products we add the carbon fibers to increase their functionality and comfort of use.