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What has given a rise to our passion?

The end of 90s. and the beginning of the XXI century was the time of the turn for the orthopaedic as well as rehabilitation branch on he territory of Poland. Up till then, orthopaedic branch was the marginal part of polish medicine but the patients needs were getting more and more noticeable. That is why, Slawomir Wronski gave the beginning of the modern factory of orthopaedic devices REH4MAT in 2006. Slawomir Wronski – the main originator and designer of REH4MAT devices – takes care of each detail. He realizes that the quality and the feeling of comfort are for our patients tremendously essential. Being the founder as well as the owner of similar companies and factories from orthopaedic branch such as Akces-Med or Orto-Res, Slawomir Wronski develops this field for years achieving successes.


How much have we achieved so far?

Nowadays, REH4MAT is the leading manufacturer of orthopaedic devices and medical accessories. Every day, we produce hundreds of braces and accessories that are destinated to our distributors and patients both in Poland and in foreign countries. Thanks to innovativeness and guarranty for the safety, our brand is getting more and more recognizable internationally – including The United States of America, Qatar and Australia.


What factors set us apart from our competitors?

First and foremost, advanced and the newest technologies of production. We understand that only the perfectly fitted device fulfills its function. That is why, we are very few on the market that are able to meet your expectation by designing devices according to patients’ needs. In the event that there is no possibility to adjust the brace in standard size, our technological facilities let for creating the product in the individual size.

For us, you are the basis – the foundation whose needs are tremendously essential.


Why is that worth to place your confidence in REH4MAT?

First of all, because from the beginning till the end of the production process, our devices are manufactured in Poland. We are not one of the companies that distributes low quality, Asian devices. REH4MAT braces are designed by qualified team of technologists, engineers and phisiotherapists. Moreover, the production process is based on Quality Management System ISO 13485. Each of the smallest detail is carefully and elaborately considered playing special attention both to safety and aesthetic.

That holistic combination let us become the finalist of the following competions – ‘Dobry Wzór 2013’ (Good Design 2013) and ‘Innowator Podkarpacia 2011’ (Subcarpathia Innovator 2011) that was the title received from The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics of the Rzeszow University of Technology.

We are not afraid of challenges, that is why the construction of innovatrive models is for us the additional inspiration and motivation to further work. The quality as well as safety of our devices were appreciated by NATO forces. As a result, we have achieved the special NCAGE code that enables us to provide medical assortiment of REH4MAT to NATO soldiers.


What more can we do for you?

If you have any questions, observations or notifications, just contact us!

Your opinions are extremaly important for us. Each of them is carefully analyzed by our medical and technical team. On the grounds of your notifications we create the offer and we are do our best to adjust it to your needs.


We appreciate that you have trusted our company and our products.

Please do not hesitate to ask what else we can do for you.

You are our future and our inspiration. Thanks to your help the impossible becomes possible…