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Knee brace AS-KX-05

Knee brace AS-KX-05
Knee braceKnee brace
Anatomic patella donutAnatomic patella donut
Class I medical deviceClass I medical device
Unicentric joint 1RUnicentric joint 1R
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Knee sprain

A knee sprain means that knee ligaments are overstretched. A knee sprain is painful and, over time, can cause other problems, such as chronic arthritis. The knee joint has four main ligaments: two that stabilize the front and back of the knee and two that stabilize side to side knee movement.

Any activity that forces the knee out of its natural position can result in a sprain. The anterior cruciate ligament ACL is often injured during running or contact sports such as football or basketball. Injury can also occur when the knee is overextended.

The PCL posterior cruciate ligament can be injured during sports when the knee is struck from the front during flexion.

Injury to the tibial collateral ligament MCL is usually caused by a blow to the leg from the side or a fall that causes the leg to be twisted outwards. Injury to the fibular collateral ligament LCL occurs much less frequently, due to the fact that the LCL ligament is protected from the other limb.

Most people with knee sprains will experience at least some of the following symptoms: swelling, redness of the joint, soreness and limited mobility of the knee.

The most common form of sprain treatment is cold therapy to reduce swelling and knee immobilization and compression. Both knee stabilization and therapeutic compression are provided by the AS-KX-05 professional knee brace with patellar donut.

Product’s description

Knee brace AS-KX-05 is made of innovative fabric ProSix™. Our brace construction is unique because it has wrap around knee brace function (it’s easy to putting on) and closed brace function (very good patella and knee stabilization because of anatomic-shaped patella donut).

The AS-KX-05 professional knee brace has a special Velcro fastening on the thigh part, which makes the brace easy to be put on and taken off without any problems, even for people with a large size disproportion between the thigh and the calf, as well as for people with limited hand mobility (e.g. people who have difficulty putting on socks or shoes).


In addition, the brace has a patellar donut that supports the kneecap and keeps it in the alignment. This solution improves patellar tracking, the balance of the thigh muscle tension (quadriceps) and also reduces the pain from the patellofemoral joint.

The AS-KX-05 knee brace with patellar donut has full wraparound adjustment, thanks to 3 straps surrounding the limb and ending with VELCRO fasteners. This design of the knee brace provides smooth adjustment of compression and its individual therapeutic adjustment according to the user’s needs.

The AS-KX-05 knee brace is equipped with single axis side splints made of high-quality carbon fibre-reinforced plastic. The arrangement of the splints in the knee brace, as well as their specific elasticity, results in proper adhesion of the product to the protected limb and allows for excellent stabilization of the protected joint. The splints are equipped with drop lock and hinge allowsing smooth range of motion adjustment in every 15 degrees.

The inner perforation of the brace’s soft fabric offers excellent skin breathing. The use of the anatomically shaped patella donut keeps the kneecap in alignment and prevents the patellar maltracking. Side hinges promots stabilization and improves the healing.

Daily use of the AS-KX-05 knee brace after injury offers professional knee stabilization, as well as provides therapeutic compression, reducing swelling and pain.


Purpose of use

• knee sprain and strain,
• knee dislocation,
• side instability of the knee joint,
• knee ligaments LCL, MCL and ACL injuries
• knee ligaments reconstruction,
• other surgeries (orthopedic).


Size Knee circumference How to measure
S 30 – 34 cm
M 34,5 – 38 cm
L 38,5 – 42 cm
XL 42,5 – 46 cm
2XL 46,5 – 50 cm
3XL 50,5 – 55 cm
4XL 55,5 – 59 cm

Fits for both knees.
Total length of the product:
S – 4XL: 39 cm


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ProSix™ is an innovative fabric 3D, elastic in all directions and fitting to the limb precisely. The external layer is 3D material providing excellent stabilization. There is duothermic spacer foam providing high air permeability and compression inside. The skin has contact with cotton that is breathable and soft. ProSix™ is friendly and neutral for the skin and has Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.


Splint 1R

1R splints – single axis orthopedic splints used in all knee joint and upper limb braces, where apart from adjustment of the flection and extension angle, high lateral stabilization of the joint is not required, but important if low weight of the brace. Due to the low weight the splints are successfully used in all braced for children. They are manufactured with high quality polyamide with carbon fibres, making the splints light and neutral to the influence of sweat and salt, properly firm therefore assuring correct functioning of the device. Adjustment of the flexion and extension angle is performed with special Allen screw in every 15°. Each brace is equipped with an Allen key, which is necessary for adjustment. Standard length of the braces is: 280 and 380 mm. The splint and its design are patented in European Union by Reh4Mat Company.

Splint 1R


Patella stabilizers

Relief stabilizers of various shapes made in 2D technology. They are made of relieving foams connected on one side with a fabric friendly to the patient's skin, and on the other with a gripper, thanks to which the stabilizer can be attached to the adhesive element of the orthosis. Thanks to such a structure, these pads do not have to be sewn into the orthosis, and they can simply be fastened to it from the inside. These elements have an anatomical shape and are made of comfortable foam with proper hardness and elasticity, which guarantees the proper therapeutic effect.


Code AS-KX-05

CEMDClass I medical device in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 April 2017. on medical devices.