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CottonComfort™ is one of the most comfortable, antiallergic and ecological orthopedic fabric that we use in the production of our products. This raw material consists of a very comfortable polyurethane foam, laminated on one or both sides with a soft and comfortable cotton knit. The knit is made of natural cotton, without any chemicals containing formaldehyde. It is certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, which guarantees safety to the patient's skin. The lamination process takes place without the use of any kinds of glue, but with the use of the flame method, which changes the surface of the polyurethane foam into a sticky surface to which the outer facings of the raw material stick. Thanks to the use of such a production technology, we do not unnecessarily introduce chemical chemicals into the structure of the raw material and we ensure a very high strength of such a connection. CottonComfort™ is used in orthoses in the most delicate places, so as not to cause skin irritation and so that the soft structure of the material tightly fills the free spaces between the orthosis and the patient's body.

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