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MaxComfort II™ is a new generation multi-layer material with excellent relieving function. The use of a product made of MaxComfort II™ means excellent stabilization and very high comfort of use. From the side of the body there is a soft, skin-friendly fabric with OekoTex Standard 100 approval, which has perforations that facilitate air flow and ensure skin ventilation. The next layer is soft foam, which ensures the comfort of using the orthosis, eliminates irregularity between the orthosis and the body, increases the contact surface of the orthosis with the patient's skin, which reduces local pressure on the body and has an anti-bedsore effect. The next layer is neoprene foam, which task is to relieve the structural elements of the orthosis from the patient's body. The last layer is a strong knitted fabric, the structure of which guarantees high durability and wear resistance.

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