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Chest support

The chest stabilizer is used in the most technologically advanced TLSO high orthopedic products as an element of the spine stabilizer. The product consists of a pubic support made of ABS, connected to an aluminum frame with adjustable length and a chest support. The pubic pad is mounted in the pocket of the front brace fastener and has a plastic frame height adjuster, which can be adjusted without the use of tools. The chest support is pivotally connected with the frame, thanks to which it adapts very precisely to the patient's body. In addition, it has two rotating buckles that allow the installation of shoulder straps and Velcro straps that enable the installation of a soft cushion relieving the support from the body. In order to reduce weight, the product was made of aluminum and appropriately shaped to increase its stiffness. In addition, it is hot-coated with a durable powder coating that is indifferent to the patient's skin.

Products with this system:


Torso support AR-WSP-02