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How to keep kids from slouching

Nowadays, a child is mostly hunched during all day. He spend all time in sitting: at school, before TV or computer. His rucksack with books is heavy and he hasn’t enough time for sport. In a preteen’s or a teenager’s times the growth of bones is booming . While child has poor posture, the bones can’t growth correctly.

A long hours before the computer lead to eyes fatigue, vision weakness and pushing the head forwardunconsciously. It causes to make the cervical lordosis and thoracic kyphosis bigger. This everyday bad position makes the back muscles weaker and causes the chest muscles contractures. Even if the child wants to sit straight it is painful for him. What is more, the poor posture and chest muscles contractures lead to dropping the pulmonary ventilation. It causes bad organism oxygenation (with brain), weak concentration and study problems.

You can prevent this condition with Reh4Mat posture support, which is designed special for the youngers.