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The young football player

Sport medicine in a preteen and teen athletes is a hard question, because of structural differences in bones, muscles and ligaments between young and adult players. This is result of growth plate activity at children. The children’s bones are more flexible and bouncy then in adults, so the fractures are less common. Unfortunately, the injuries occur still.

The young football players are often affected by sport injuries. There is difference between bone and muscle and ligament growth, what is connected with structural dysfunction. The simple muscle injury at adultathletes can be the avulsion fracture at children. It based on tendon or ligament detachment with a piece of the bone.

The young soccer is often affected by this kind of fractures. During the training or game the leg can be sudden stopped by the others, what is often connected with anterior cruciate ligament torn with tibial or femoral avulsion. This contusion is connected with pain, surgery, immobilization and training break for a few weeks. This condition is a big care for a child. Reh4Mat, creating the paediatric braces, have focused on anti-injury prevention for the youngest.

ziecięca orteza stawu kolanowego AM-OSK-Z/S-A Children’s knee brace AM-OSK-Z/S-A is made of light and airy materials with a great compression skills. It has two flexible orthopaedic splints, which protect the joint against the undesired aside movements without reducing knee natural range of motion. Additionally, the cruciate elastic straps support the ACL ligament. The light construction makes the brace almost invisible protection during your child sport activity.