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Ankle support OSS-OS-02/CCA

Ankle support OSS-OS-02/CCA
Ankle braceAnkle brace
Class I medical deviceClass I medical device
Foot dropFoot drop
Full range of adjustmentFull range of adjustment
Minimum device - maximum effectMinimum device - maximum effect
Recommended by specialistsRecommended by specialists
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Foot drop

Foot drop

Foot drop is the neurological condition causes the inability to lift the front part of the foot. People suffering from this, drag their toes along the ground, that’s why they lift their knee high or swing their leg in a wide arc.

Foot drop

The foot drop is the result of extensors muscles weakness or paralysis. There is 3 reasons:

  • peroneal nerve injury
  • spine and brain disorders
  • muscles conditions

Peroneal nerve injury descends along the lateral side of the popliteal fossa to the head of the fibula and allows to lift the foot. Because of location it’s very easy to damage in result of sport injury and hip or knee replacement surgery.

Foot drop can strike at any age and can happen to one foot or both feet at the same time. Treatment for it will depend on the cause: physical therapy is used to strengthen muscles and surgery may be recommended to try to repair a damaged nerve. Early treatment may improve chances of recovery. No matter what’s the type of injury, the lightweight braces are the most common treatment.

To order that, we created excellent AFO brace called FOOT-TOP (OSS-OS-02). It has special insert that lifts the foot and it’s very comfortable and invisible under the clothes.

Product’s description

AFO brace FOOT-TOP (OSS-OS-02) improves to muscles functions by support the active gait for people with muscle weakness and nerves degenerations or other disorders.

If you want to use invisible brace that supports your daily activity – FOOT-TOP made of AeroSpace™ fabric is made for you!

Rubbers made of AirRubber III™

Side insert made of ActiveSpace™

AFO brace FOOT-TOP (OSS-OS-02) is equipped with semi-rigid insole supports to lifting the foot. The brace is lightweight and elastic, because of innovative fabrics and technologists. It’s durable and dynamic. By using FOOT-TOP systematically, you can achieve the correct gait pattern and avoid abnormal compensated gait.

FOOT-TOP improves the gait dynamics and corrects the foot inversion by active straps. When you achieve the correct gait pattern, your iliopsoas and gluteal muscles work actively. The brace improves the calf muscle pump what increase the blood flow.

High quality of our fabric and physiological brace construction cause high comfort of use and effectiveness.

Our FOOT-TOP brace is a modular device, so it fits to every body size precisely. You can order soft part of brace and insole size separately.



Purpose of use

  • foot extensors weakness
  • stroke or bleeding in the head
  • multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • toes or partly foot amputation


Table 1

Size Heel circumference How to measure
S 27-30 cm
How to measure
M 30,5-33 cm
L 33,5-36 cm
XL 36,5-39 cm

Left/right side available

Table 2

Shoe size Foot length How to measure
36 23 cm (9″) How to measure
37 24 cm (9,4″)
38 24,5 cm (9,6″)
39 25 cm (9,8″)
40 25,5 cm (10″)
41 26,5 cm (10,4″)
42 27,5 cm (10,8″)
43 28 cm (11″)
44 28,5 cm (11,2″)
45 29 cm (11,4″)


Size Total height of the product
S 24 cm (9.4″)
M 25 cm (9.8″)
L 26 cm (10.2″)
XL 27 cm (10.6″)

Setting up


– insert


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ActiveSpace™ is a spacer, polyamide 3D lamination with high skin ventilation. It is very lightweight, consisted of 2 layers. Between them, we use polyamide braids with 4 mm width. ActiveSpace™ is not elastic what improves stabilization. Inside the lamination, between 2 layers, the air flows freely, maintaining minimal water and moisture absorption. Waterproof material.


AeroSpace™ is an innovative new generation raw material. It is a distance elastic 3D knitted fabric consisting of two layers of facings and an interlacing that creates the appropriate thickness of the raw material and has relieving properties. The knitwear is made of the highest quality polyester yarn - guaranteeing high mechanical strength and spandex ensuring its proper flexibility. This material is characterized by a very low weight, high flexibility and a very large openwork structure, allowing for very easy drainage of sweat from the body and bringing fresh air to the skin. Products made of this raw material are neutral to the secured joint, do not heat or cool it, but ensure its proper compression and fit and reduce muscle vibrations generated during physical exertion. Its thickness and 3D structure perfectly relieves the orthopedic splints, stays or other elements mounted on the product and guarantees velvety softness to the touch.

AirRubber III™

AirRubber III™ has unidirectional elasticity. It can be stretched, increasing the length, not width, what improves compression. Between the braids air flows freely and skin can breathe. In addition in high compression, these rubber braids provide a gentle massage for skin. Our orthopedic rubber is very friendly for skin.


BOA® Fit System

BOA® Fit System DIAL IN TO FAST, EFFORTLESS, PRECISION FIT. Delivering fit solutions purpose-built for performance, the BOA® Fit System is integrated in products across snow sports, cycling, hiking/trekking, golf, running, court sports, workwear, and medical bracing. The BOA® Fit System is engineered with high quality, durable materials that are rigorously field-tested for a micro-adjustable connection that’s built to perform. Each unique configuration is engineered for power without compromising precision in order to deliver a seamless connection between equipment and body. BOA®’s dial and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product on which they are integrated.  




ABS sole insole

The orthosis insert is made of ABS and is available in many sizes, in right and left version. Thanks to the stiffness of the insole, the foot is lifted on the sole of the entire surface. The profiled back shell is made of a polyethylene, it easily adjusts to the shape of the limb and stiffens the orthosis in the rear part, thanks to which the collar of the orthosis does not slide down while walking.

Sole insole

Flat orthopedic stays

Flat orthopedic stays


Code OSS-OS-02/CCA

CEMDClass I medical device in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 April 2017. on medical devices.