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Ankle brace AM-OSS-12

Ankle brace AM-OSS-12

Ankle brace

Ankle sprain

Ankle joint is one of the most advanced connection in human body. It’s also the common reason of hospitality in orthopedist. Every joint has physiological range of motion. If the movement is higher, the ankle is sprained, especially in active people.

We can observe 3 different degrees of sprain:
1st degree (mild) – the ligaments are slightly overstretched, the little bruise and swelling occur.
2nd degree (moderate) – the ligaments are overstretched and a little torn.
3rd degree (severe) – the ligaments are totally torn, there is ankle instability, paint, swelling and inflammation.

How to avoid it? Try our ankle brace AM-OSS-12 and see that prevention is the best way to fight the sprain!

Product’s description

Ankle brace AM-OSS-12 is highly recommended for every highly people. Special, dynamic fabric and thin construction allow to use it even in sport shoes. Inside the brace you can find double-sided rigid elements.

The brace is made of innovative fabric UniPren.

UniPren is high-strength, soft and elastic that provides great ankle compression and stabilization. Our ankle brace isn’t knitted so there’s impossible to make corn on the skin during high compression. The external layer of UniPren is easy to attach, so you can fit the brace precisely.

Ankle brace AM-OSS-12 is anatomic-shaped and elastic that disperses the energy in your joint evenly. Soft and thin material is very comfortable and elastic straps provide additional stabilization.

Our AM-OSS-12 brace is universal and fits both right and left feet for men or women.

Maintain the foot in inversion or eversion

Ankle brace AM-OSS-12 allows to maintain the foot in inversion or eversion. Depending on natural foot position, we can correct and maintain the foot in the required position. This solution is possible by adjustment of tension of two elastic straps.

To correct the inversion there is necessary to re-adjust the medial strap to achieve the desired tension. To maintain the foot in the eversion, there is necessary to re-adjist the lateral strap. When you adjust the straps in standard tension, you will maintain the foot in the neutral position.


  • mild and moderate ankle sprains and strains,
  • chronic ankle instability,
  • osteoarthritis.

Available sizes

Size Heel circumference How to measure
M 27-33 cm
L 33,5-39 cm

Fits both left and right foot


Code AM-OSS-12

CEMedical products class 1 – conforming the directive of the Board (93/42/EEC) concerning medical products. Producer of orthopedic and medical products, firm REH4MAT issued appropriate EC declaration of conformity.