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Ankle support AM-OSS-02

Ankle support AM-OSS-02



Product description

VINCERO orthosis can be used both in the complete injuries cure, and as a prophylactic ankle protection during sports

Side scales are lined with a soft neoprene foam and in their cubes relief system is used, whereby use of the product has become even more comfortable. Optionaly orthosis can be equipped with silicon inserts.

Ankle joint orthosis with stabilizing scales VINCERO is being used forstrong lateral stabilization of ankle joint. It was made of two anatomically profiledpolyethylene shells connected by thethe lower band. This band has the ability to regulate the length, so that the product can be precisely matched to the joint.

To stabilize the product twoperipheral bands equipped with buckles, which increased possibility to fit a product on the limb.

The design of the orthosis allows for free use of the sport’s footwear and is ideal not only in the hall’s sports, but also in every situation demanding strong stabilization of ankle joint.

The brace is made of AirPren.

AirPren is 3-layered lamination made of: external elastic self-gripping polyamide, neoprene foam inside and elastic polyamide spacer fabric 3D. This lamination is soft and high-elastic. Braces, made of AirPren, are very durable and effective. Internal 3D knitted mesh provides high air permeability and minimal water and moisture absorption. Waterproof material.

Available sizes

Size Ankle circumference 5 cm above lateral malleolus How to measure
Single size min 17 cm – max 34 cm
(min 6,7″ – max 13,4″)

Right and left ankle specific.


Very good stabilization of the ankle joint, improvement of effectiveness and quality of walk. Enables faster comeback to training. The effectiveness of the support depends on the type of used shoes- preferred are sport-type shoes: trainers, hiking boots, professional sport shoes. Instruction of use is given by the doctor.

Purpose of use

- after damage to the ankle joint (dislocation and breakage)
- after surgery of ankle due to injury or illness
- post-injury instability of ankle joint
- advanced degenerative changes of ankle with pain complaint

Setting up


Code AM-OSS-02
Model AM-OSS-02

CEMedical products class 1 – conforming the directive of the Board (93/42/EWG) concerning medical products. Producer of orthopedic and medical products, firma REH4MAT issued appropriate EC declaration of conformity.