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Finger splint AM-D-03

Finger splint AM-D-03
Finger braceFinger brace
4 in 14 in 1
Class I medical deviceClass I medical device
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Hand brace to stiffen four fingers excluding the thumb.

The design of the product allows the patient or physician to choose which finger is eligible for immobilization. Each time, the brace can lock from one to four fingers.


The brace has the shape of a short glove with finger channels for finger-splints.

The rails are made of aluminum and are protected against the harmful effects of sweat by powder paint. The material for the liners has been chosen so that it was easy to make a desired shape by the physician.

The equipment of the brace are finger splints in open or closed versions. Each of the splints has a locking band. As standard the brace is equipped with one finger’s splint in the closed version.

In the product there is a thumb notch and installed peripheral safety belt.

The brace is made of stiffened velours knitwear and elastic Lycra.

Additionally, it is equipped with a lateral fastening strap increasing fitting. Moreover, short design of the brace does not limit the movement of the wrist.

The brace is made of AeroSpace™.

Purpose of use

– II-V fingers fractures
– Injuries of collateral ligaments of MCP joints
– II-V fingers dislocations
– Rheumatic diseases of II-V fingers


Size Circumference of metacarpus
S 17-19 cm
M 19,5-22 cm
L 22,5-24 cm
Size Total length of product
S 11 cm
M 12 cm
L 13 cm

Left/right side available.


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AeroSpace™ is an innovative new generation raw material. It is a distance elastic 3D knitted fabric consisting of two layers of facings and an interlacing that creates the appropriate thickness of the raw material and has relieving properties. The knitwear is made of the highest quality polyester yarn - guaranteeing high mechanical strength and spandex ensuring its proper flexibility. This material is characterized by a very low weight, high flexibility and a very large openwork structure, allowing for very easy drainage of sweat from the body and bringing fresh air to the skin. Products made of this raw material are neutral to the secured joint, do not heat or cool it, but ensure its proper compression and fit and reduce muscle vibrations generated during physical exertion. Its thickness and 3D structure perfectly relieves the orthopedic splints, stays or other elements mounted on the product and guarantees velvety softness to the touch.


UniTape™ is a technological orthopedic lamination with high durability with double-sided self-gripping function. UniTape™ is very thin and easy to attach what allows to fit the braces precisely.


Flat aluminum stays

Aluminum stays are made of a special aluminum alloy that guarantees proper stiffness with minimal weight. They have rounded ends to prevent the damage of the product and come in various widths and thicknesses. The level of stabilization of the orthopedic device is defined by proper selection of the width and thickness of the aluminum stays. The stays can be pre-profiled or flat. They do not adapt to the shape of the patient's body, an individual adjustment of the orthosis is required by proper bending of the aluminum stays in the product. Thanks to this function, it is possible to correct the position of the patient's body or the secured joint.

Flat aluminum stays



Code AM-D-03

CEMDClass I medical device in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 April 2017. on medical devices.