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Press-slide System – Regulation of the length of splint

press-slide Press-slide system is the another technological newness in our offer that we would like to introduce to You with a great pleasure. The adjuster of the length of splint Press-slide is the element of orthopaedic braces, designed especially according to the innovative rule – MiniMax (minimum choice, maximum effect). That is why, orthopaedic devices equipped with Press-slide system may be characterized by small dimensions, very low weight and significant ergonomics of usage. What is more, the system was engineered to facilitate the extension or the shortening of the splint to the patient in the most easy and safe way. Press-slide was made of special kind of plastic strengthened by fiberglass and thanks to that solution its durability is much more noticeable than in case of aluminium. Adjustment of splints is very easy – you just need to press the special button and ajustd the splint so that it would be fully comfortable for you. To make that activity easier, on the surface of the lower limb splints we placed the centimeter scale that defines the distance between knee joint and the end of thigh splint and shin splint. Regarding upper limb braces, we placed the scale that simplifies the repeatable splint adjustment.

Produkty posiadające ten system:


Lower limb support AM-KDX-01 UNIVERSO


Hip support AM-SB/1RE DUAL


Lower limb support AM-KDX-01/1RE


Lower limb support AM-KDX-01/2R