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Orteza biodra AM-SB/1RE DUAL

Hip support AM-SB/1RE DUAL

VIPERdual Bilateral hip brace with ROM and splint length adjustment Adult hip dysplasia and dislocation The hip is the largest “ball-and-socket” joint in the body. It is held together by ligaments, tendons, and a joint capsule. The hip joint is created by femoral head (ball) and acetabulum (socket). They are cover by smooth articular cartilage. [...]

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Orteza biodra AM-SB-01

Hip support AM-SB-01

HIP BRACE WITH ROM ADJUSTMENT AM-SB-01 brace is excellent support for hip joint after hip replacement. Endoprosthesis is often result of degenerative disease that based on destruction of joint cartilage, joint capsule and other soft tissues. There are bone spurs, called osteophytes, one the femur head and acetabulum surface. Osteophytes usually limit joint movement and [...]

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Orteza biodra AM-SB/1RE

Hip support AM-SB/1RE

Immobilizes or controls the pelvis joint, equipped with pelvis frame, thigh band and lateral splint 1RE with adjustment of the flection and extension angle every 15 degrees.

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Orteza Stawu Biodrowego AM-ADS-R

Hip support AM-ADS-R

The stabilization apparatus is designed to place the foot in middle position and to prevent rotation in the pelvis joint. It is equipped with a sanded aluminum foot rest.

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