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Orteza kończyny górnej AM-BX-03

Upper limb support AM-BX-03

In case of shoulder arthrosis or after surgeries or injuries our shoulder brace AM-BX-03 maintain the joint in the neutral position. The muscles are stimulated and stabilized. If it is necessary the silicone pad massages shoulder soft tissues.

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Orteza stabilizująca na ramie i bark AM-SOB-06

Upper limb support AM-SOB-06

Shoulder brace AM-SOB-06 has very simple constriction what allows you to put it on by your own. The brace is made of innovative fabric which is easy to attach what improves functionality and allows to fit it to the body shape.

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Orteza kończyny górnej AM-BX-01

Upper limb support AM-BX-01

POSTOPERATIVE SHOULDER AND ARM IMMOBILIZER Product description It is made of comfortable fabric ActivDistance II which is easy to attach. Available sizes Size Arm circumference How to measure S 26-28 cm (10,2″-11″) M 29-31 cm (11,4″-12,2″) L 32-34 cm (12,6″-13,4″) XL 35-36 cm (13,8″-14,2″) XXL 37-38 cm (14,6″-15″)

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Orteza kończyny górnej AM-BX-02

Upper limb support AM-BX-02

POSTOPERATIVE SHOULDER AND ARM IMMOBILIZER, DESAULT ActivDistance is 3-layered lamination, made of comfort foam and 2 non-elastic polyamide layers. ActivDistance is not elastic what improves stabilization. The foam inside makes our fabric very soft and comfortable. ActivDistance is self-gripping in both sides, so you can fit our devices perfectly. Available sizes Size Chest circumference How [...]

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Orteza kończyny górnej AM-AO-KG-01

Upper limb support AM-AO-KG-01

The Arm Abduction Orthosis with abduction angle regulation is an efficient immobilizer for treatment of an arm fracture, a dislocated shoulder or rotator cuff surgery in post-operative and post-traumatic conditions. The Arm abduction brace AM-AO-KG-01 called CLEVER 1 shall be prescribed by the doctor or professional orthopaedic specialist.

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Orteza na ramię i bark z regulacją AM-SOB

Upper limb support AM-SOB

Made of soft and elastic ActivPren fabric. Possibility of wide range of adjustments, both: left and right side use.

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Upper limb support AS-B

Arm and shoulder support belongs to the ACTIV SPORT group, is made of innovative ACTIV PREN fabric.

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