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Upper limb support OKG-03

Upper limb support OKG-03
Upper limb braceUpper limb brace
Class 1 medical deviceClass 1 medical device
Full range of adjustmentFull range of adjustment
Minimum device - maximum effectMinimum device - maximum effect


Product description


Upper limb sling OKG-03 is an universal size brace that can be used for both limbs. This device is made of material that is easy to attach and can be cut to length. The buckle allows to putting the brace on and off very fast and easy. Also the strap has special neck support that prevents skin against the skin disorders and pressure points.
The sling is equipped with orthopaedic stays that provide additional support.

Our sling OKD-03 can be used alone or with our upper limb braces as an additional equipment.

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The sling part is made of Active3D™.


Active3D™ is thermoformed fabric made of special foamed, cell-closed designed material. It reduces the pressure on the body or any abrasions made by orthopaedic stays and aluminum splints. It is fully waterproof fabric and does not absorb sweat. It’s easy to clean. Due to its features, the fabric is an excellent product for making medical orthopaedic braces and orthoses. ACTIVE 3D™ has various external self-gripping layers. Our material has special, thermoformed properties and may be shaped according to the functional goals of the final braces.


Universal application – the brace is one size and can be used one left and right arm
Comfort of use – very light material doesn’t disturb in daily activities
Improved hygiene – the brace is easy to wash


- after arm, shoulder and hand injuries
- in neurological disorders
- as an additional equipment for our other upper limb braces

Available sizes

Size Underbust circumference How to measure
Universal max 140 cm
max 55.1″

Total height of the palm suspension element: 8 cm (3,1″)

Fits for both hands.

Available versions of OKG-03: grey and black.

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Code OKG-03

CEMDClass I medical device in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 April 2017. on medical devices.