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Orteza łokcia R4M-SL-01

Elbow brace R4M-SL-01

ELBOW PAD SLEEVE If you are active, you may suffer from elbow conditions. Overused muscles, scratches or abrasions are common. Due to this fact, we highly recommend our elbow pad sleeve to all active people. Product’s description Our elbow pad sleeve R4M-SL-01 is a professional medical device. It protects the tissues but also provides comfortable, [...]

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Orteza łokcia i przedramienia R4M-SL

Elbow brace R4M-SL

ELBOW AND FOREARM PAD SLEEVE Elbow contusions? Forearm scratches? We know how to help you! Overused muscles, scratches or abrasions are common in physical activities. Due to this fact, we highly recommend our elbow and forearm pad sleeve to all active people. Product’s description Our elbow and forearm pad sleeve R4M-SL is a professional medical [...]

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Orteza łokcia AS-L

Elbow support AS-L

UNIVERSAL TENNIS AND GOLFER’S ELBOW STRAP Tennis and golfer’s elbow Both, tennis and golfer’s elbow, are one of the most frequent elbow conditions. Both are inflammations caused overuse injury resulting from repetitive motion involving the tendons in the elbow. In both cases the main symptom is highly painful elbow joint. What’s the difference? Localization and [...]

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Orteza łokcia AS-PL

Elbow brace AS-PL

TENNIS AND GOLFER’S ELBOW BRACE Tennis elbow Tennis elbow is a type of tendonitis that causes pain in the elbow and arm. The inflammation is the result of the hand extensors overusing. This condition is common among tennis and squash players, but despite its name, you can still get tennis elbow even if you’re away [...]

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Orteza łokcia AM-SL-03

Upper limb brace AM-SL-03

UPPER LIMB ORTHOSIS WITH ADJUSTMENT OF FOREARM ROTATION AND RADIAL AND ULNAR DEVIATION FOREARM FRACTURES The forearm is made up of two bones, the radius and ulna. In most cases of forearm fractures, both bones are broken. Forearm bones can break in many ways. The fracture when bone fragments stick out through the skin is [...]

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Orteza łokcia AM-SL-01/CCA

Elbow support AM-SL-01/CCA

UNIVERSAL TENNIS AND GOLFER’S ELBOW STRAP Tennis elbow / Golfer’s elbow Tennis elbow is an inflammation of the tendons that connect the muscles of the forearm to the elbow. The pain is primarily felt at the lateral epicondyle, the bony bump on the outer side of the elbow. Golfer’s elbow called also medial epicondylitis, is [...]

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Aparat redresujący staw łokciowy AM-KG-AM/1R


T-Range ELBOW BRACE WITH HAND GRIP AND ROM ADJUSTMENT Product description T-Range is the 1-axial telescopic elbow brace with hand grip and ergonomic range of motion adjustment. The length adjustment is possible by using maintenance-free device called press-slide. Our brace was created to treat and control the elbow range of motion, caused by fractures, dislocations [...]

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Orteza łokcia AM-LX-02

Elbow brace AM-LX-02

Innovative construction of AM-LX-02 brace allows the silicone pelottes pressure on the afflicted muscles and tendons. Clinical trails show that over 80% of our patients feel relief during using our elbow brace.

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Orteza łokcia AM-LX-01

Elbow support AM-LX-01

In case of suffering from tennis elbow symptom or golf elbow symptom the patient feel the pain around the elbow joint (lateral or medial side). Active elbow brace AM-LX-01 helps to relieve the pain and reduce unrequired muscle tension. The brace holds internal silicone pads, which do micro-massage with every elbow movement, what increases the blood circulation in the muscles insertions and facilitates the healing.

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Elbow support AM-SL-02

ELBOW BRACE WITH EXTENSION BLOCK Product description Elbow’s brace: stabilizes the elbow joint, relieves the muscles of the forearm and the hand relieves pain, by maintaining a stable temperature and has a flexible compression to reduce swelling, facilitates the absorption of exudate and hematoma after past injury allows faster return to work or training indications [...]

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Elbow support AM-TL-01

Children’s elbow immobilizer is made of light materials and has internal cotton terry surface, which helps skin to breath. The elbow brace has anatomical splints, which immobilize the joint, so it can be used as an alternative to traditional cast.

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Dziecięca orteza kończyny górnej AM-KG-AR/1R

Upper limb support AM-KG-AR/1R

Children’s light postoperative elbow immobilizer with a mechanism to adjust the range of motion in every 15°. The elbow brace, can be used as an postoperative immobilizer or as an method of treatment of contractures (scars after fire), dislocations or fractures.

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AM-KG-AR1R miniatuura


Redressing apparatus for upper limb is made of: Two open sleeves – for the arm and forearm part – enabling their easy installation and exact adjustment to sizes of upper limb’s measurements.

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Orteza łokcia AM-SL

Elbow support AM-SL

Removes stress form the muscles of the forearm and hand in the area of the ulnar joint. Especially useful in sport and work – enables faster comeback to professional activity or training.

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