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Jednostronny pas pachwinowy AM-1PP/D

Groins brace AM-1PP/D

Groin braceHernia beltChemical freeClass 1 medical deviceEcologicalHypoallergenicInvisibleLatex-freeSkin-friendlyWOMEN’S INGUINAL HERNIA SIGNLE TRUSS Inguinal hernia Inguinal hernia in women is relatively uncommon as compared to men but it happens. There is estimated that 1 women in 50 will suffer from inguinal hernia in lifetime. This amount includes almost 2% of total female population. Hernia is a serious [...]

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Orteza tułowia AM-2PP/D

Groins brace AM-2PP/D

Groin braceHernia beltChemical freeClass 1 medical deviceDouble-sidedHypoallergenicInvisibleLatex-freeSkin-friendlyWOMEN’S INGUINAL HERNIA DOUBLE TRUSS Postpartum hernia The day, when the little one is on the world, is one of the most beautiful during our lifetime. Unfortunately, sometimes the hernia may be unpleasant result of it. Pregnancy changes not only visual aspect of the women. It’s also big physiological [...]

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Orteza pleców AM-PES-09

Chest brace AM-PES-09

Upper back braceClass 1 medical deviceInvisibleUniversal sizeWaterproofTHORACIC SPLINT Posture is the position in which you hold your body upright against gravity while standing, sitting or laying down. It is a configuration of the human body which provides stability, not overusing of the muscles, enough place for internal organs and good statics and dynamics condition. Posture [...]

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Orteza tułowia AM-PPB

Umbilical hernia belt AM-PPB

Abdominal beltBreathableChemical freeClass 1 medical deviceHypoallergenicLatex-freeRecommended by specialistsSilicone padSkin-friendlyUniversal sizeUMBILICAL HERNIA BELT Umbilical hernia occurs when intestine, fat or fluid pushes through a weak spot in the belly. The abdominal wall is torn and peritoneum with intestine goes outside the cavity. As a result, the advanced hernia with the soft node shape may be visible. [...]

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Pas przepuklinowy AM-2PP

Groins brace AM-2PP

Groin braceHernia beltChemical freeClass 1 medical deviceDouble-sidedEcologicalHypoallergenicInvisibleLatex-freeSkin-friendlyDOUBLE HERNIA BELT Hernia is a serious condition because can causes intestinal necrosis. Every internal organ has own place and function. The abdominal wall (muscles, ligaments) maintain them in the required position providing their proper working. The intraabdominal pressure increases during laughing, coughing or eliminating. In this situation the [...]

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Pas przepuklinowy AM-1PP

Groins brace AM-1PP

The belt is made of elastic, friendly for skin material EcoRubber and is equipped with anatomic inguinal pelotte. In addition, the belt holds inguinal strap which stabilizes it on the body precisely. The hernia belt can be used by women and men.

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