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Splint bending tool

Splint bending tool


Splint bending tool is used to precisely adjust orthopedic brace equipped with side stiffening such as: splints with ROM adjustment and other orthopedic splints made of aluminum.

All of our orthopedic splints that we use in our products are pre-profiled for the anatomical shape of the patient’s limb or torso. However, there is no equal pattern of the human body and they differ more or less anatomically from each other. Only perfectly fitted brace to human body works effectively, so it should adhere to the protected joint or torso as precisely as possible. A properly selected orthosis and its soft element will precisely adapt to any body shape, however, orthopedic splints, which stabilize the body, may interfere with this. At this point, our splint bending tool comes into play, with the help of which we can remedy this problem. The tool can be used to correct the shape of each splint that is removable from the orthosis. For this purpose, the splint should be taken out of the pocket or tunnel, placed against the patient’s body in the place where the orthosis is to be put on and checked if it fits properly to the body shape. If the entire surface of the splint is not in contact with patient’s body, it should be bent so that it touches patient’s body as much as possible. Thanks to this, in the place where the splint will stabilize the body, the surface pressure on the skin will be lower and as a result, there will be no risk of pressure ulcers and abrasions. Anatomical bending of the splints should be done cautiously, because a bent arm of the splint can no longer be back to its original shape. The bends should be in the right places and should be as small as possible. A much better solution is to bend the splint several times in the same place with small steps until the desired effect is achieved, than a single large bend. The key was designed in such a way, it does not leave any damage on the surface of the rail, the powder varnish with which the rail is coated remains without any damage.


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